Darlie All Shiny White Lime Mint

4.7 5 0 6 6 Have healthy and white shiny teeth with the new Darlie All Shiny White Lime Mint. It has a balanced blend of lime and fresh mint that keeps your mouth fresh. Comes in a light pink paste. Dazzle with a whiter smile!
Darlie All Shiny White Lime Mint


Whitening effect
this product really has a whitening effect !Love iy
Definitely my go-to!
Have been using this for over 6 months now, and it has become my go-to toothpaste for that clean and crisp feel. Effectively removes any stains I might have after a meal and the lime mixed with mint offers a very refreshing flavor!
Very refreshing and bright teeth
Started using it when introduced as a trail product and surprisingly the freshness lasts longer. Can slightly see the teeth shade got brighter than before.
Minty fresh breath
Maybe it’s because of heatiness I always wake up with breath that wasn’t pleasant but after using this, it made me feel fresher and moreover there’s the minty feel!
Fresh taste
Lovely fresh taste. Minty with a hint of lime. Does the job. Teeth feels clean after each use. Would definitely recommend for those looking for same effects but have a change with flavour of tooth paste.
Very good
It doesn't have any sharp taste.. Good for daily usage.. We have been using this for almost six months. No stains due to coffee or tea

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