EFFACLAR Acne SkinSaver Kit

4.2 5 0 125 125 See visible results in just 12 hours* when you try a new anti-acne skincare routine with EFFACLAR Acne SkinSaver Kit. This skincare range is proven to work on all signs of acne–oil control, acne inflammation, acne marks and successfully prevents acne relapse. <p>• EFFACLAR Purifying Foaming Gel effectively remove dirt & sebum for a clean and refreshed face. <p>• EFFACLAR Duo(+), the bestselling acne treatment moisturiser to correct and hydrate your acne-prone skin. <p>*Instrumental test on 43 women aged 18 to 45.
EFFACLAR Acne SkinSaver Kit


This kit cleans very thoroughly so that the following products are able to do their job on application, this kit is more suitable for oily skin.
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pretty darn effective
Product works as it is supposed to, it does help with breakouts and oily skin, however it has a very weird and somewhat pungent chemical smell that you cannot ignore. Overall if you don't mind the smell definitely give it a go as it does work.
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friendly for oily and sensitive skin.
Friendly for oily and sensitive skin. #htcsgxEFFACLAR, #hometesterclubsg, #LaRochePosaySG and #NotNowNotAgain
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Effective, trustworthy, value-for-money
The cleanser and moisturiser, when used together, produced good results. I have quite oily skin and usually after 1h of washing my face, it will be oily already. However, the skinsaver kit managed to control sebum production and my face is significantly smoother just after using the products for 2 days. #htcsgxEFFACLAR
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Wonderful and amazing
I always have oily skin and white head tucked in my skin. after using the Effaclar Acne facial wash. my skin started to clear up and the white heads started to disappear. it is like magic
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Effective acne contorl
I enjoyed using this product as it helps to clear up my acne pretty quickly! I do recommend using 2 times daily for it to be effective! Overall really satisfied with this product however the price can be more affordable!
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Simple clean useful
Good product to use for acne skin #htcsgxEFFACLAR #hometesterclubsg, #LaRochePosaySG #NotNowNotAgain
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amazing, soothing, refreshing
the facewash helped me clear my pimples out and i was very impressed with the results!
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protective, affordable, safe
it was not bad, did help to control my pimple outbreaks. wouldn't say it was super effective in diminishing scars though. definitely suitable for daily use, i enjoyed the "clean" smell it had unlike other brands which still use scents that are sensitive.
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Gentle portable
Overall the product is okay but not as effective as some other acne products for me.
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Gentle, Reduce acne scars
I have an oily skin, heard of the brand laroche posay’s effaclar range but dare not to try it cuz a lot of acne cleansers will cause my face to breakout more than reducing it. Home tester kit sent me this effaclar skinsaver kit and i loved how it feels on my face! especially the effaclar duo, after applying it at night, you’ll feel that your skin looks brighter in the morning! however it doesn’t completely remove my acne scar after 7 days, will definitely buy one kit for myself to try! would recommend others with the same skin type as me to try if your current brand is not working for you. #LaRochePosaySG #hometesterclubsg #htcsgxEFFACLAR
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Awesome product!
Definitely a skinsaver for Acne skin! Highly recommend!#htcsgxEFFACLAR, #hometesterclubsg, #LaRochePosaySG and #NotNowNotAgain
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Effective,Soft and Satisfied.
After using La Roche Po Say for 1day overnight I noticed my pimples dries up fast,after using for 4days my pimples lessen and on the 7 days I feel smooth,soft and brighter on my face.. With continuation of this product I believe I will get more better result.
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Face feels clean
Face feels clean after wash, removes oil effectively, not sure about removing acne scars.
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Really good and effectiveness
I have a combination skin. Forever looking so dull and lifeless. It's true after using it for 7 consecutive days, it actually helps to brighten your skin and removed the scars slowly. I would actually promote this brand to my family and friends to try the trial kit to avoid any disappointment. Overall, I'm very satisfied.
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