4.1 5 0 139 139 #1 Brand Recommended by Switzerland Dentists* - elmex® Anti-Caries Professional Swiss Brand Toothpaste provides highly effective anti-caries protection for you and your family. This is powered by Calcium and Fluoride with a concentration fluoride level of 1450ppm to give you strong and resistant teeth. It also effectively strengthens tooth enamel. <br>*Based on IPSOS in 2019 study
elmex® Professional Anti-Caries Toothpaste
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seems to be german brand
I like the anti-caries protection as well as sugar acid neutraliser properties.
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Less foamy but effective.
As I personally tested the toothpaste I find it effective. After 5 days of use my teeth has lighten its color and I observe that it lessens how sensitive my teeth/gums to either super cold/hot food /drinks. I like how it is not so foamy which means the amount of toothpaste you apply is maximized and used in cleaning. I also like its not so minty but still it smells fresh and clean. It is a good experience and I will purchase in future. Thank you!
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feels so natural
this was top grade toothpaste that is clean for the family
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My son likes it
The toothpaste is average to use. My son is not picky so he has no problem switching toothpaste.
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Clean, good and effective
Use a little amount compares to my previous toothpaste and comes out the same result
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Cleans the teeth well & feel refreshing
The paste is refreshing and after use, u can feel the teeth is cleanly polished with the help of tongue's sensory in the mouth.
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Worth to buy!!!
Small tube. Should provide a bigger tube to test. Give a refreshing smell & taste.
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Refreshing, nice packaging, feels clean
Used the toothpaste and the teeth feels clean, very refreshing taste and feel after using it.
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Fresh Refreshing Great!
I like the Elmex tooth paste. It smells fresh, mint and cleanses well. And it doesnt change the taste of my breakfast orange juice after brushing!
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Lack of the minty freshness.
Lack of the minty freshness. Not to my preference and liking.
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Whitening Odourless Mattish
I personally find it effective. It whitens and remove some plaques on the teeth. Generally removes bad breathe, even the next day breath is still quite fresh. Just FYI (may not affect everyone): My boyfriend has acne issue, and he tried to use It. It was a very bad experience for him as there was severe inflammation and infection on his face. I have used the product for about 2 weeks or so now, and still left about half a tube. So maybe one 75ml tube can last for 1 month plus? Overall 8/10 for my experience.
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Not strong enough
Toothpaste is too mild and tube is a bit too little. Overall is still decent.
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Effective and great
Smells okay and does its stated work in keeping teeth clean and freah
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Refreshing minty foam
It is super foamy. Not something I like. But I like the mint and refreshing feeling it leaves in my mouth. Packaging Material is good, but I do not understand the stuff written on pack. I don’t know what it is meant to do.
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Refreshing, clean, fantastic
I do like Elmex Anti-Caries Toohpaste, firstly it is not too minty like some other toothpaste which can be overwhelming. The packaging is great with the twist and turn feature unlike some with the peel off sticker which gets messy. I like that my teeth is cleaned and mouth feel fresh after that. I would recommend this, in fact looking to get hold of this for my other family members to try too!😉
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