4.8 5 0 6 6 <p> Deep Cleansing benefits for brighter skin, get visibly brighter skin from the first wash. </p>
Garnier MEN TurboLight Double White Cleanser
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N'est product
Isnthe n'est production of thé n'est producteur i like thé product i will post web site ans production on m'y facebook d'or free
garnier for men...really cleans your face..selalu letak dalam kereta utk guna lepas balik dari site meeting..cuaca panas berhabuk buat muka rasa kusam..cuci pakai facial wash ni..terus segar balik..
Its a great product for oily skin. It has cooling crystal. So u can expect a little cold over the space. This will certainly give you fresh face instantly but not a cure for burn spots. Verry nice product and smooth face
i have tried this product. my face feel so fresh and cool. it's nice
My hubby uses this and i use thr ones for female. Face got brighter n less oily
I've tried this before and it feels great. Your face feels so cool right after you use it. My face doesn't look oily anymore and it feels clean.
My friend recommend this face wash . Skin become oil free .
I think it's great product for men.for there rough skin.i want to use it
I have tried the three in one and is very pleased to see this product being added to the range. It is exactly what I needed.

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