5 5 0 3 3 Taste the farm-fresh goodness in a bottle with Hay Dairies Goat Milk Chocolate. Produced locally in our own Singapore farm, enjoy the pure and fresh goat milk in a delicious chocolate flavour.
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Goats Milk
My child was allergic to cows' milk. Decided to let him try goats milk and boy, he loves the milk especially the chocolate flavoured and when it is served chilled. Yummy..
Chocolate Goat milk
With the additional of chocolate , kids love it more as the weird taste is now covered . They could finish it faster than usual now . However the after tastes still will remains if you take small sips at a time . I will suggest to finish it in a mouthful :)
Everyone can also try it
Personally love goat's milk. However my brother doesn't. But with the added chocolate flavour, he is able to accept it! Might works for children that dislike the goat's milk smell.

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