4.8 5 0 5 5 <p>Specially formulated with the nourishing power of essential Milk Proteins & Oats, JOHNSON’S <sup>®</sup> MILK + OATS Lotion infuse rich moisture and nutrients deep into your skin. Find immediate relief from discomfort caused by skin dryness with this dye-free, soap-free, and paraben-free lotion.</p>
JOHNSON’S <sup>®</sup> MILK + OATS Lotion
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Nice smell
I tried it for my Son skin and it has a great smell. It is also nourishing. It helps to kept moisture the skin.
My healthy skin
When I used this on my kids it's so smooth and aromatic like baby skin so soft.
The Best
This product gives an extra soft on my baby's skin. Irritation free and give me my expectation.
I have sensitive skin so I prefer to use milk-base lotion to moisturize my skin. This is one of my preferred lotion as it keeps my skin moisturize at an affordable price.
The smell bit strong but overall quite like the feel after applying

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