Marigold Yoghurt Low Fat Strawberry

4.4 5 0 22 22 Marigold Low Fat Strawberry Yogurt is a delicious and healthy treat that's been specially formulated to promote a healthier lifestyle for you and your family. It contains live and active cultures that help digestion and promote a healthy digestive system and calcium for the development of strong bones and teeth. Contains no preservatives.
Marigold Yoghurt Low Fat Strawberry


Just nice not too sweet
Marigold Yoghurt is not too sweet and has a healthier choice logo. The Yoghurt is not too watery and can eat the strawberry inside.
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Creamy low fat dessert
I really like Marigold Strawberry yogurt. its a great low fat dessert, just the right amount of sweetness & strawberries chunks! definitely a regular buyer now!
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Nice and healthy
I like Marigold Yoghurt as it is not too sweet. The consistency is slightly thicker and I can have it on it own or add in more fruits.
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Tart, neutral taste, real strawberries
I love the strawberry bits which is big and real. Unfortunately the yogurt itself is quite tart and no strawberry taste. Less creamy and tasteless compared to emmi one. Price is slightly cheaper for the size which is good.
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Something that can be improved
Marigold yogurt low fat is a little too watery for me. It would have been better if the texture is creamier
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Tasty Healthy Versatile
With bits of strawberry pieces the yogurt is not too sweet. I am having it with granola for morning breakfast. The creamy texture is perfect to blend with any kind of smoothies. My son loved it
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Healthy Affordable Delicious
We are a consumer of traditional yoghurt for years we use it as our regular diet snacks daily matching with our favourite oats fruits, good baking and cooking. Our family have a few health issues so to avoid that happen to us we practise eating healthy food with the best health befits, We been using a different brand to satisfy our cravings but we failed because we are looking for good taste, affordable and nutritious. Because we are conscious about the health benefits we are aware Yoghurt contains some nearly every nutrient that your body needs It's High in Protein, good Digestive Health. Strengthen my Immune System, Protect Against Osteoporosis, Heart diseases, and the best to promote weight loss. Marigold Yoghurt Low Fat Strawberry is now on my new list in choosing yoghurt, Now we have it in 1 cup of our favourite fruit strawberry and healthy yoghurt in 1. it's our first time to try the strawberry flavour and upfront we are amazed at the taste we are excited to try all the flavour.
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Appetizing, plain, starchy
This yogurt had tiny strawberry pieces mixed into the vanilla base. Suitable for those who prefer a less creamy texture and is not as sweet as other brands. Affordably priced and comes in a larger packaging with more goodness packed!
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Bigger portion than others
The portion is slightly bigger than other brand. The taste feels a bit artificial. Notice there is always good promotions for bundles at supermarket.
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Tasty and good
The price of the item is reasonable and the taste is quite nice. It is not very sourish and it is worth the money.
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Creamy Fruity Heavy
I would like to give Marigold yogurt the same rating as Emmi. I felt both are of same taste and texture. The quality of the product is also very much similar. In fact, I could not find any difference between the 2 products. It is also sweeter and heavier/thicker when I compare it to my current brand (Meiji). I would suggest the sugar content can be reduced a bit to suit my taste(my personal preference). I will buy this product if the sugar /sweetness is lesser and the texture is lighter(fat free). It may well suit others taste (people who prefer to eat sweet yogurt) Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to test this product.
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Abit too sweet
It is abit too sweet to me compared to the other flavors, but I still enjoy the strawberry bits.
Affordable and Delicious Yogurt
MariGold's low fat strawberry yogurt has been a go-to yogurt for me. Personally I feel that its extremely rich and savoury, not only that, its healthy since it is low fat and low in sugar! This yogurt also comes with chunks of real strawberries in it. Overall, its one of the most affordable and yet balanced yogurt out there in the market, and I definitely recommend it to anyone who's keen in purchasing some yogurt.
Delicious and i always repurchased this becos of the wonderful taste and affordable price :)
Yummy taste
Not too sweet and it is HPB healthier choice

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