MILO Choco and Milk Biscuit

4 5 0 3 3 Enjoy Milo nutrients in a new shape- Milo now comes in a form of a sandwich cookie biscuit with milk filling!
MILO Choco and Milk Biscuit


Slightly better than average - Worth a try
I expected the filling and the taste to be rich but turns out the taste was pretty average. A little lacking, but I think the milk ruined the richness of it. I would see why some people would like it as it is not that sweet but personally, I would eat if someone gives me but will not purchase it.
Milo Cookies 🍪
Personally preferred the one with milo filling instead of cream, but this was still satisfying as well!
Wow this new Milo sandwich is very tasty. Very convenient to eat it on the go. Great for hunger pangs.

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