4.3 5 0 32 32 <p>Want the thick Milo taste in a sugar guilt-free drink? Packed with the goodness of MILO, the new MILO® Gao Siew Dai provides busy adults with the energy to go further— with 0% less table sugar and 30% more protein!</p>
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About time!
Milo is a great cocoa beverage, but for the longest time, the formula was geared towards a child's palate. I feel this new version allows adults to enjoy the drink without the overwhelming sweetness.
Quite bland
I find that this drink is quite bland in terms of the richness of cocao. Siew Dai is more towards not so sweet and not reduction in chocolatey taste.
Healthy perfection
I love MILO for 2 things: 1) As a drink 2) As a snack MILO Gao Siew Dai helps me achieve both without the guilt of extra sweetness. I just put in as much MILO as I want into my cup and pour hot water for a nice relaxing drink or I'd use MILO as a spread on the bread for snacks or eat it on its own.
Not so sweet
This is the only 2-in-1 drink I will only purchase as it's most close to the can powder one. Not so sweet like 3-in-1.
Sibei Gao
I am not really a big fan of chocolate and this was definitely made for chocolatiers and conssieur. It’s very thick but not overly sweet and gelat.
Worth it
Initially when i tried the product, i was douptful that it will taste nice and sweet like how most kopitiam will make. Since it was siew dai, my initial reaction was to add more sugar but thankgod i did not add any because it taste just right unlike how i always have to add more sugar to other milo packs because it was not sweet enough to my liking.
Less sweet with same thick malty flavour
Was expecting this to not taste as good but i was wrong! Still packed with that signature flavour without the additional sugar!
I like it cz its less sweeter and can taste the cocoa compare to the regular one
Taste nice and have been drinking since when i was a kid.
Thick Milo taste w lesser guilt
The taste was rich and flavourful, less sweet than the normal version.
Milo Gao Siew Dai
Liked how this version comes in a stronger characteristic Milo taste (malty & chocolaty) & also a healthier choice with reduced sugar content.
Taste good if you like less sweet option
My mom bought this for us and I tried it recently. I prefer the normal 3in1 instead as it is sweeter. Maybe this is more suitable for older people who prefer less sweet options
Love the Milo gao siew dai. The taste is just nice! Not too sweet!
Thick and Creamy
You'll definitely have to use hot water first. Then add ice. The chocolate tastes chocolaty and not very milo. So I was pleasantly surprised.
Milo Less Sugar
It's certainly less sweeter than the usual 3 In 1 packs. Like the fact that it does not have that diluted taste.

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