4.8 5 0 21 21 <p>Inspired by local Singaporean's love for original MILO<sup>®</sup> VAN MILO®PENG, it's now conveniently packaged in a ready to drink format. Featuring a more 'gao' flavour to cater to local palates, take a sip of this chocolatey-goodness today!</p>
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Milo Van in a bottle
The long awaited childhood sports day drink at long last! Brings back all the memories of rushing and pushing for it. Totally nailed the taste of Milo Van which can't be found anywhere! Not even if you tried to mimic the taste of it using milo powder or 3in1. Both chilled and room temperature equally satisfying.
Milo Peng
I would definitely prefer the normal Iced Milo. This is different than usual because it has a different kind of taste that you get when you make one at home by yourself. It doesnt give the strong malt taste it’s suppose to give. And the price for it, i dont think its worth. You can make your own milo with a premix and add your own ice at a cheaper price.
Taste awesome!!
It is thick and gooddd. Plus it is in a bottle so it is very easy to bring it around with you. Even if you cant finish the milo u can still save it for later unlike the packet ones.
Tastes awesome. Not too sweet. Great to hav on the go
I'm IN LOVE with MILO PENG!!! i will never depend for this drink that make me feel so energy & plus ENERGETIC BOOM i love it with ICE or w/o...the tease will never go wrong Every Morning , afternoon plus night i'll definitely want it w/o fail!!!
Memories of childhood
Tasted exactly like when i had them at the milo van years ago!
super nice taste
milo is very thick, love the taste... yummy.. remind me of last time primary school we alway get to drink milo from milo van.. old skool days
Same same but different
Nothing beats the milo from the van, maybe it is the whole experience. Although this tastes different, this is smoother to drink than the milo that comes in the regular packet. As with all UHT milo drinks, it is best drunk chilled!!
Tastes like the usual Milo, just in a different packaging! Still love it
Just like the Milo truck!
Super love it as it taste just like the Milo truck we had back in primary and secondary school. It is very thick and rich in flavour!
Super nice leh!
Rich in flavour! And it’s not ‘thick’ and leaves your throat ‘phlegm-y’.
Best drink
This is definitely one of the best morning boost filled with vitamins. Taste great when chilled, along with breakfast to kickstart the day! Taste great 👍
Not bad
The drink is thick. Although it is full of taste but it is not really smooth when drinking. But overall it is good “to-go” drink.
It's super tasty and concentrated. Really love drinking this <3
this is so good! i brought this because the sales promoter told me it taste like the milo truck & back in my secondary school days i love to drink milo truck milo.

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