4.8 5 0 10 10 Packed with the nutrition and goodness of brown rice, Nestle CERELAC Brown Rice & Milk makes every bowl better for your child. Start your little one off with a balanced, nutritionally complete diet, and provide them with important nutrients such as vitamin A, D, and iron.
Nestle CERELAC Brown Rice & Milk
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its a balanced and complete diet for my child. she love eating it.
is still hes favourite
. my 4yo kid is still want to eat this. even do hes already 4yo. i realy reccomend this food for baby. so delicious kids love it
Should recommend this
This one so good! My daughter have love to eat this when she was 6months old.
Easy to prepare, healthier choice. Baby loves it. Fill up the little tummy
Easy and tasy , good starter food
This was easy and fast to prepare. My baby like it alot . It is good for a starter food when you are starting to introduce solids to your child's diet . Sometimes i add this in to other stuff and mix , sometimes feed by it self. Either way works and is yummy for the baby
Easy to prepare
It is easy to prepare, at home and even outside. My baby loved it, but it is a little sweeter than other cereals, I would prefer not to introduce too much sweetness to my baby yet.
My Baby likes it
It is easy to prepare, whether it is home or outdoors. Most importantly my baby likes it
Cerelac Brown rice
I used to give this this to my LO and I personally like the taste.... Lolx.... Its very creamy and my LO can finish a whole bowl in one sitting....
perfect for starting solid food
very easy to prepare. baby likes it. easy to digest and is nutritious! perfect for introducing solid food.
Yummy, healthy baby cereal
Easy to prepare, healthier choice. Baby loves it. Fill up the little tummy

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