St Ives Exfoliating Sea Salt & Pacific Kelp Body Wash

4.4 5 0 5 5 <li>100% natural sea salt and Pacific kelp extracts</li> <li>Free from artificial perfume and color </li> <li>Paraben - Free </li> <li>Effectively wash away dirt and bacteria <li>Gentle Purifies & exfoliates</li>
St Ives Exfoliating Sea Salt & Pacific Kelp Body Wash


smell okay and smooth
The product is good in texture and smoothing body.
Amazing scent
The scent is great and calming. The exfoliation is not harsh, salt is super fine and therefore it isn't rough on skin. Skin feels smooth after use
Good product
It is gentle to the skin, my sons love it. It leaves the skin smooth and silky
Skin feel good
Gentle yet refreshing scrub leaving skin smooth n feel good
St. Ives Exfoliating Body Wash
Not too harsh on the skin and had my skin feeling moisturised after using. I'd probably recommend using this on alternated days.

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