STARBUCKS Premium Instant Mixes - Toffee Nut Latte Limited Edition

4.3 5 0 23 23 STARBUCKS Toffee Nut Latte limited edition Premium Instant Coffee. A seasonal favourite inspired by our iconic coffeehouse Toffee Nut Latte, we’ve crafted this rich and creamy beverage for you to prepare at home. Expertly blended with high quality coffee and dairy milk with the rich and buttery taste of sweet toffee and toasted nuts, topped with a soft layer of foam.
STARBUCKS Premium Instant Mixes - Toffee Nut Latte Limited Edition


This comes with four sachets, so it is quite expensive.. But it's way cheaper than their shop drinks. It is sweet and tastes like coffee. I love it too much. You can drink it hot or cold actually :) Tastes good either way!
Exactly like Starbucks
Budget way for a cup of Starbucks And you can drink it all season
It's ok
Received this as a gift and tried it one afternoon. It's alright as a 3-in-1 but with that price tag, I'd go for cheaper options. Nothing really special to entice me to purchase.
Like the real taste
I am a Starbucks lover , ever since Starbucks comes out with this product , I have being restocking it since I bought it. Although it is only 4 pkts in each box, but the tastes is terrific . Most importantly, it is very convenient, u can enjoy the toffee nut coffee anywhere
A comforting holiday indulgence
I was pleasantly surprised that the toffee was not too sweet. It was very comforting too drink as an after dinner drink to have something sweet without having to ear a dessert. Hope this flavour continues!
Toffeenut Latte
A has become a tradition for me to drink Toffeenut Latte during Xmas season. Love the convenience of having this christmas-sy drink at home, only downside is it's too sweet, but if you top too much water, the taste will be diluted. It would be great if it can be less sweet.
Christmas drink
It has become a Christmas tradition to try every year Starbucks Christmas drinks. This year, a good friend gifted the Toffee Nut Latte to me. Not bad overall but wish that the coffee aroma is a little stronger.
Toffee Nut Latte
It a little bit too sweet. Love the convenience of just adding water to get this classic Christmas favorite.
simple pleasure
For those who couldn't afford to go to starbucks , this is a great alternative. You can still have the foamy -creamy coffee although not so good as one they serve in the store but you can still enjoy this instant coffee.
Too sweet
Too sweet & Not much coffee aroma & taste. Don’t really like it
It’s ok if you can’t get the real one
It’s different from the real drink in store. It taste more plastiky. It doesn’t have the real aroma of toffee. In my opinion.
Easy craving fix!
This is the best to have at home stocked for when Starbucks seasonal drinks end. Love the taste of it as it’s not too sweet! But the only thing missing is the crunch. Other than that, it’s delicious!
Good for a change
As this is a seasonal flavour, hence it is good to have something different from the usual flavours. The drink is not good as it is sold in the store, but it is still something that's tasty.
Good enough to satisfy the crave
People who are fans of this drink should buy and stock up cos this drink is only available at the starbucks stores during Xmas. This is good enough to satisfy the craving but it's not as good as the one that is selling in stores of cos. The sachets are definitely not creamy enough, one tip is to add own whipped cream or heavy cream with a touch of cinnamon powder. I also take 2 sachets at one go with lesser recommended water so that it's more concentrated.
Toasty and tasy
Nice warm fuzzy drink eith notes of hazelnut and a good blend or milk and coffee

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