Starbucks Sakura Strawberry Latte Instant Premium Mix

3 5 0 6 6 Enjoy the soft fragrances of Sakura, strawberry, and creamy milk blended in Starbucks’ deeply rich espresso. Crafted with high quality 100% Arabica coffee in 4 individual serving sticks per box.
Starbucks Sakura Strawberry Latte Instant Premium Mix


Latte tastes weird..
It's kind of sweet, but its sour and smells like perfume.. Tastes like earl grey or flower teas.. Not worth the buy.. But will try with sweeteners or other items and edit this if its better.
Not for me
I bought this during the offer from Lazada and really regretted it. It has an artificial smell plus it is too sweet for my liking.
Really dislike it
The product tasted weird and had weird floral and fruity scents. Does not taste like coffee at all so coffee lovers will not like this product. Gave 2 stars to appreciate the fact that the brand tried to be innovative but overall a poor product
Uniquely delicious
Will definitely buy this again though it is a bit on the expensive side. But the unique taste is something that you should try if you haven’t had the chance to. The aroma of it is good!
This flavor not nice at all
Too sweet smelling and taste. Very artificial strawberry flavouring that covered up the taste of the coffee. Other seasonal flavor is good but not this. Definitely not recommended especially for people that do not like too sweet coffee.
Very convenient and tasty cafe grade coffee that I can prepare anytime. Tasty and premium.

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