4.8 5 0 37 37 Benecol's chunky, delightfully fruity and oaty cholesterol lowering* bars are an easy way to help look after your heart, wherever you are. Delicious and satisfying, each bar is made with carefully selected, wholesome ingredients and they also contain plant stanols to give your cholesterol an extra push to the right direction. Enjoy!
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I love a healthy snack bar to have at work. The texture of these was very greasy so I did not feel like I was eating something healthy at all. Wouldn't recommend.
I first tried these as a freebie in my good food show goodie bag and since then I have been obsessed with them, I have one everyday with my coffee during my morning commute and each day I enjoy it just as much as the first.
The best ever
Great tatting and great for anyone who has high Cholesteryl helps to bring it down
Great taste
I'm not a big fan of many oat bars but these ones were super yummy and packed with super fruits really worth trying
Originally bought these for my husband but ended up Eating most of them myself! They are so nice and Morish
Both my husband and me tried these, they are so good and healthy we love them.
both myself and my husband have had to make some heathy changes to our diet, a friend told us about these benecol bars, we tried them and they are very good, I do wish that they could be a little less in price.
I have tried a few different flavours of these and they are very tasty. My son of 4 also likes them, they are easy to eat not dry and a good start to the morning.
Love these and really gd for u and kids
I didn't think I would of liked this but once I tried it I absolutely loved it an so did my kids they take them to school for snacks and makes me feel good there getting something good inside them
Absolutely love these and will carry on buying. The flavour is delicious
Delicious snack
My partner and I really love all the flavours, and I'm going to continue buying these in place of the cereal bars I usually buy.
Breakfast options
Good bars i find them good option fo rbreakfast. regularly buy them.
Nice bars great for mid morning snack great taste not as good as the yogurt ones they do but would buy again
Benecol Blueberry Cranberry Fruit and Oat Bars
These are not too chewy so good on teeth! They are tasty, delicious and healthy too. There is plenty of fruit in these bars. Idea breakfast bar or anytime of day.
Great taste
Lovely.. healthy and tasty.. enjoyable treat whilst effectively lowering cholesterol. I love Benecol products as I have high cholesterol but I refuse to take medication.

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