4.6 5 0 56 56 With real meat juices Bisto best pork gravy granules With a rich flavour, With real meat juices, Foiled in freshness Each 50ml portion contains Calories 14 <1% of an adult's guideline daily amount* *An adult's guideline daily amount (GDA) for calories is 2000kcal
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Sunday roast
Use this when we have toast pork on a Sunday. It’s good to have a flavoured gravy but think it’s just lacking a bit of depth unless adding to meat juices. We sometimes add sage and onion granules go give it a bit extra.
Easy to make with a good pork flavour. Very tasty indeed.
Good all rounder
I not only use this to make gravy, which it suggest for (no lumps) but I add it to other pork dishes that I experiment with. Like pork steaks, red onion, Apple and some gravy granules to make a lovely quick evening meal. Love it x
So easy!
This makes perfect gravy for a roast pork dinner, it’s very easy to make and is lump free. You can change the thickness by adding more granules. Highly recommended.
It's got to be bisto!!
If your going to have gravy then it's got to be bisto, the flavour is always amazing and it's super easy to make! What more could you ask.
Smooth gravy
Makes smooth, tasty pork gravy in seconds, couldn't be simpler
Brings meal to life
I found this gravy tasty,brings your meal to life,not just with pork.
pork dinner
Good flavour but rather thin. no lumps and easy and quick to dissolve. would recommend but best with the meat juices as well
I always buy bisto but I was disappointed in it this . I found it had a stance taste and it quite a gelatine consistency .
Love this gravy! Now bought nearly all the flavous, easy to mix no lumps. Downside doesn't thicken the best but that's easy fixed and can be a bit salty for kids.
Really Porkie - no porkies!
I already use Bisto Best granules for chicken and beef, so it's a no-brainer that for pork I'd choose Bisto Best Pork Gravy Granules. They complement the roast without disguising the flavour, and are also great for pork casseroles in the slow cooker, or with pork sausages (hint - use 1/2 pork and 1/2 caramellised onion Bisto Best for a more full flavour)
This is sooooo delicious, unfortunately I am having a great deal of trouble trying to find it in the shops now.
No roastie
I brought this to go with our roast last weekend but it wasn't very pleasant; none of us thought it tasted of pork at all but we couldn't say what it really did taste of. So it's gone in the bin.
Definitely Best!
Absolutely love this!! As I prefer a gluten free diet, this is an absolute must for my cupboard, perfect 👌 for roast dinners and good old bangers and mash! No need to add anything except the juices from your meat, makes a decent tasting thick gravy without going lumpy!
Excellent addition to the Sunday Roast
I came across this by accident while searching for the 'standard' Bisto gravy. I usually make all my gravy from scratch but for convenience wanted something to accompany my roast pork. I gave this a try and was really impressed! Simple to use - just add boiling water - I added onions, some herbs, pork fat and cornflour to thicken this up and served in a jug - creating a really tasty sauce for the meal. I'd definitely recommend this as a cupboard stable. Would also be good for adding to sausages and mash.

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