4.9 5 0 80 80 Savour the moment of indulgence! Suitable for vegetarians. Discover Boursin® Velvety and enjoy the unique taste of Boursin® Garlic and Herbs in a deliciously whipped, smooth and creamy texture.
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Have loved Boursin since discovering it at a cheese market in France in a school trip in 1980. It was years before it was sold in the UK, so you can imagine my excitement when I first saw it over here in the UK! Have been buying it ever since . Love the creamy smoothness of this cheese and now with an added garlic and herb flavour. Love this as a snack any time of day. Highly recommended
Boursin velvety
I first bought Boursin over 20 years ago after going to France on the ferry with my Sister. We went into a supermarket over there and I first saw it. Boursin has always been a very creamy cream cheese and lovely to spread on crackers or bread. I have mixed Boursin into pasta before to get a gorgeous sauce. When this new product came out, I HAD to try it. I was so excited, it didn’t disappoint me at all. It was more creamy and like it says on the packaging, velvety. It’s not the cheapest of cream cheeses, but worth buying in as so versatile in use. It has a long use by date on it, so buying a few in when on offer would be a good choice
Must try
So yummy soft and creamy defo a must try perfect with crackers or even on toast Has very cream taste highly recommend for any cheese lover
love it
love this cheese, smooth creamy and really great tasting, one of my top 10 cheeses.
A favourite in our house
Absolutely love borskin spread on crackers or a nice warm bagel with its creamy texture and hint or garlic definatly a go to in our house.
One of my favs!
Love this on crackers, I also use it inside chicken wrapped in bacon. Strong flavour but Moorish! Love it.
I'm a very big chees fan and this is one of the best, cheeses I've tried.
Creamy cheese
Love boursin cheese in crackers, celery or creamy mash . Love it by the spoon too . We also use it as dips
Super tasty
Used to make a sauce on the keto diet. Brilliant. Loved it. Super texture & flavour. A big plus
The whole family love this on crackers or tiger bread toasted absolutely lovely
A great tasting cheese, ideal with a fresh French stick, always a must for a picnic
This is an absolute staple to our fridge at home. The perfect flavours can be eaten by the spoonful!
Just amazing
I tried other products but this is just my favourite! Will recommend
very tasty
i have always bought the black pepper boursin but saw this a while ago and thought i would give it a try for a change. it is very garlicky which i love and i would happily buy it again
I really like the original Boursin products but found the texture of this velvety one to be a bit synthetic and strange. You can't beat the original in my opinion.

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