4.3 5 0 70 70 Salted caramel flavour ice cream (with sugars and sweeteners), with cake pieces (5%).
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Threw it in the bin.
I was excited to try this as I love ice cream but I don't love the amount of calories it contains. The flavour of this was horrible; it tasted chemically and cardboardy - or what I imagine cardboard would taste like. A lot of artificial sweeteners, wheat flour and potato starch, emulsifiers - check out th ingredients! It was a shame as I wanted to have something that I could have as a guilt-free treat - especially as it is so easy to binge on creamy, sugary and fat filled ice cream - but I couldn't face eating anymore of this and threw it in the bin, rather than have it sit in the freezer. I hate waste but I really didn't feel like it was very nutritious or healthy or that I'd ever want to eat it again. There are far better healthy and tasty alternatives such as Swedish Glace at 91 calories per 100ml - 455 per 500ml. Truly disappointing
No guilt ice cream
I’m a massive fan of trying to cut calorie corners but still being able to treat myself and this ice cream does just that! In comparison to other ice cream brands that claim to be high on protein and low on calorie, Breyer’s taste no different than the full fat alternative. Plus, the flavor choices are incredible. I’ve tried nearly all the different flavours and this one is definitely in the top 3!
Breyers Ice Cream
I was a bit sceptical of this ice-cream before trying, but was very surprised, I would never tell the difference between this and regular ice-cream, I will definitely purchase again.
Nice diet ice cream
Slightly expensive, but nice tasting low calorie ice cream. Nice bits of cake in it to keep it interesting. tub isn't big enough for sharing.... Well nut in our house as my wife loved it!
Decent for a low calorie ice cream
Feels really light in the tub. Tasty, a treat when you are on a diet. Good sized tub but not big for sharing. Great flavour.
great taste, just what you need to be naughty, even better when you get the on sale!!!
Not very nice
Not the best icecream tasteless. I was really disappointed in this, I was so looking forward to trying it waste of money.
Love it
This is amazing when you crave a treat and trying to be healthy
I was a bit dubious at first but this healthy alternative is definitely worth a try. Dessert is my weakness! This is gorgeous, smooth, tasty, small chunks for texture. An all rounder!
great product
great product the only con is its a bit expensive i have cut down on alcohol due to diet but this ice cream is low in calories i can eat a tub a day.
Low in calories
This ice cream is yummy and only 340 cal for the whole tub salted caramel the best one
Tasty, creamy and beautifully sweet, this ice cream is perfect for a little after dinner treat. Plus it’s healthy, too!
Tried this at home and it is amazing I would definitely buy this again
I was so excited to try this as soon as I saw that Tesco and Asda were some of the first stores to release this. I adore the cookies and cream, and the chocolate one is lovely. However, this did not blow my mind. It was rather bland and I did not get much of a caramel taste. I appreciate that it is lower sugar, so one may expect this. However, although it was not awful, it was certainly not a game changer by way of the low sugar and calorie ice cream we all love and want more of!
Best salted caramel icecream
I bought this amazing salted caramel ice cream last weekend and it has easily my go to ice cream whenever I fancy something sweet

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