5 5 0 14 14 Perfect blend of rich cocoa notes with the smooth taste of Cadbury Milk Chocolate with Salted Caramel Pieces. Available in a 160g block.
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Mouthwateringly gorgeous.
It was from the opening of the packet until the last piece my mouth would not stop watering i love salted caramel and chocolate combined was fantastic
Cadbury have made the perfect combination for me, this is amazing! It has a good amount of flavouring and crunchy salt - it didn't take me long to eat the bar. I'd recommend this to anyone who likes salted caramel - you won't be disappointed.
Love it
Didn't think I would like this but I was wrong. It has a lovely taste and texture. Made me feel like I was eating a more expensive bar of chocolate. Love the salted caramel flavour just the right amount
Amazing chocolate!
I never thought I'd like the dark milk chocolate, but it is now my favourite Cadbury chocolate! The chocolate is so rich and creamy and I love the little bits of crunchy salted caramel through the bar. If you like this one, make sure you try the almond and original too. I can literally sit and eat a large bar in one go!
This is what I’ve been waiting for! Not bitter at all, creamy and yummy. And with salted caramel my fave. I’d always like more salt but that’s just my preference, it is delicious anyway
Absoluteley yummy, not bitter like other dark chocolate bars, I will definitely be buying this again
Soo yummy
Really love this , milk and caramel can be too sweet so this is just right
This product was very good. would recommend drinking a beverage with this but overall it was still very good.
This is fabulous
Wow Cadbury have totally nailed it...this chocolate bar is absolutely fabulous and the salted caramel bits are definitely there and delicious.
Wow - amazing the best chocolate bar ever
Love this Cadbury Dark Milk bar - can really taste the salted caramel flavour. Really good quality chocolate - smooth, rich and moreish. Am sure no-one can resist at least a piece of this yummy chocolate.
Dark Milk
Superb. Very tasty to eat. all were using this taste. Because of more tasty and very happy to be ourself. My friends are using this and tell there feedback
Excellent o love dark chocolate but the texture is a bit hard this has the best of both for me smooth and silky and a beautiful taste too
Looks amazing will definitely be trying this.. Cadbury youve done it again xx
This sounds truelly heavenly. Would love to try this sometime. Dark chocolate is my down fall. Love it better than milk chocolate.

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