4.8 5 0 108 108 Kills 99.9% of bacteria* *Eliminates bacteria like salmonella, e.coli, listeria and flu viruses (H1N1).
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Cleaning wipes
Can't beat these cleaning wipes easy just to pull out the packet to wipe around your sides leaving them nice and shiny clean and fresh
Lovely scent
I bought these in place of flash wipes as the Flash wipes were more expensive, Cif are a great alterative at half the price
Love these!
I love using Cif wipes. I use them to clean my bathroom. They smell fresh and are great at picking up every bit of dust or dirt. They even got gloss paint drips off of my lino flooring!
Love these
Fabulous smell Fabulous product Value for money. Recommended to anyone that uses this range
Smell lovely
Lovely wipes I use them all over and they clean up well and keep things clean and fresh
i love the CIF wipes, everywhere always looks sparkly clean, no smears, no sticky hands afterwards, lovely fragrance, i use them on everything from glass to wood, everything with the exception of leather and always been very pleased with the results, i recommend widely :)
Love These Wipes
Wouldn't be without this type of household wipe and have tried most makes. These are good quality and smell gorgeous in the bathroom
I never thought I would find a wipe I liked as much as CIF bathroom wipes! I love that they are multipurpose, but they have great cleaning power for such a little wipe. Plus they smell beautiful, it's a very floral feminine scent. I bet Mrs hinch would love these multipurpose CIF wipes, she would be hinching her whole house with them! Send her a packet CIF :)
Brilliant cleaning product
Would really recommend these as they are quick and easy to use ... fight all the germs and are disposable
Great wipes
Fantastic product quick and very easy to use. They don’t rip easy like some other branded wipes. They smell amazing and leave a lovely shine to surfaces, will definitely be using them again
I use these wipes all the time, they're just perfect for me .
These are handy wipes to have around! These pick up marks and spillages with ease, I didn’t have to scrub and they smell pleasant too!
Great product
These are so handy to have in your kitchen for all those messy spills. They wipe up so easily and leave a great fragrance behind.
Fantastic product
Fantastic product quick and easy to use. They don’t rip easy like some other branded wipes. They smell lovey and leave a lovely shine to worktops , sinks , taps and more. I will definitely be using them again
one of my favourite
I bought this one in wilko I must say I was attracted by the look of it at first and than I've seen it kills 99.9% of bacteria which I said okay ill buy it and glad I did. Scent is lovely, better than normal cloth and its multi-purpose so now I use this every day :) Love cif

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