4.7 5 0 24 24 Nakd Salted Caramel is a tongue-tantalising taste sensation with a delicate balance of smooth caramel and Cornish sea salt. Made with 100% natural ingredients 'smooshed' together, creating a wonderfully soft, chewy texture with the salty sweet taste you'll enjoy anytime of the day!
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great taste
they are very nice tasting, and I would certainly buy again, but will look for offers as I found them a little expensive.
This is a taste Iove.
It makes a perfect snack for on the go and omg it is so good. I just love the taste of salted caramel the blend of the sweet and salt hits me into that spot omg I loved it. Would 100 percent recommend it
I have tried several of the naked bars and I have to say these are my favourite. The flavour is spot on and everyone loves salted caramel. These feel naughty even though they are so good for you
Tasty caramel treat
Absolutely loved these. The caramel is perfect and not overly sweet. Great as a snack or little treat without making you feel bad.
It tastes pretty similar to salted caramel but as a nakd bar usually does it has that underlying strong date taste. Also contains peanuts which I wasn’t aware of so make sure you double check. I would recommend
Pretty nice!
Wasn't too sure about how it would taste, I like caramel but not when it's salted, however, when I tasted it I was quite sup rises, it tasted pretty good and it's healthy too! The bars were quite small but perhaps that's just how much you need to make sure you don't go over the healthy limit. Either way, I would recommend, would I eat them all the time, eh no, but either way they're nice.
Naked bars
I was very sceptical about these at first, thought they wouldn't taste anything like salted caramel and be very dry but they are the total opposite. They taste great and they aren't dry at all. Would love if they made the bar abit bigger.
Perfect as a healthy snack
These bars are just the perfect snack to have during your day and don't feel guilty. The salted caramel flavour is amazing and also there are more flavour to choose!
Perfect for in between meals
I love the Nakd brand of snack bars - they’re a healthy alternative to chocolate but don’t scrimp on taste. I love salted caramel so it was a real win to find these. There are some great alternative flavours available too
Delicious and nutritious
Salted caramel is one of my favourite flavours! Tastes great and I don't feel guilty, as it is a healthier alternative to most snacks.
Best flavour yet
They taste as good as a high calorie cake but are nutritious and healthy Much better for you than a chocolate bar so it’s a Win win.
My new favourite
I love Nakd bars but wow this has to be one of my favourite flavours yet. A great snack for on the go, I always have one in my bag for when I need a sweet fix but want to be good. I love that something so yummy is one of my 5 a day.
Loooooove these
I love all nakd bars and this one is lovely when you need that sweet fix. Much better for you than a chocolate bar so it’s a Win win.
Very tasty
This is a very tasty healthy snack. The size of the bar is just right.
Nakd bars- still yummy
Nakd have been around for years now and they are so good at bringing out new flavours that are tasty!

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