5 5 0 10 10 Salted Caramel flavour milkshake powder with sweeteners, meal replacement for weight control.
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Love this flavour!
I've tried loads of Slimfast shakes, the pre-made ones (for convenience) and the powdered ones which you have to mix yourself. This is definitely my new favourite flavour, banana or vanilla used to be my go to but this one is lovely, it doesn't have that horrible after taste that some slimming shakes do and it's lovely and sweet but not too sweet and very filling. Would definitely recommend. Yum.
Better than the old style
This tastes great and made me feel much less hungry than the other slimfast products I’ve tried. It was easy to mix and following the 321 plan I’ve lost 3lbs in the first week.
Nice flavour
Yes be always been a strawberry slim fast fan but this one could take over as my favourite, doesn’t leave w had aftertastes like some brands
Love anything slimfast
I've used slimfast on and off for years, have always loved the products, they do the job and taste great.
Bit sweet but still super tasty
Works for me. Tastes lovely and incredibly filling
Great flavour
I absolutely love this shake. The flavour is quite sweet, but not too sickly. Very filling and I find it much better then the original slimfast. Lots more vitamins and benefits too.
a good replacement
i tried this as a meal replacement to aid my weight loss. i found that it tasted really nice and helped with the sweet cravings, it also didnt have the powder after taste that some of the replacement meal powders sometimes have. overall i thnnk it is a good choice if looking for a meal replacement powder
Slim fast vitality
I used this as my lunchtime meal supplement but instead of mixing with milk I used almond milk instead as I’m lactose intolerant.it tastes delicious and filled me up, I’d definitely use again
Using Slimfast to gain weight
After 6 months of stress, I lost over 2 stone in weight, dropping under my recommended. My doctor suggested using Slimfast to help gain weight, having it on top of my 3 meals a day. The flavours are absolutely lovely and no horrible sweetener taste.
I’d love to try it how do I ask to try products can someone help me

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