3.7 5 0 48 48 Quench your thirst with the refreshing taste of our raspberry & cranberry fruit infusions. Specially created to be brewed in cold water so you can have a quick, easy and convenient drink. Consume leisurely or take it on-the-go! Tetley Cold Infusions, a flavoured healthy fruit infusion specially created to be brewed in cold water. Hydration never tasted so good!, Refreshing infusion with no caffeine, sugar or artificial flavours
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Not much flavour
When I saw these first advertised I was very excited, I’ve now tried this one and the watermelon one... both have a very subtle taste, I prefer I stronger taste personality. Neither tasted as I expected they would, I would have preferred if the taste was stronger though.
Nice but strong
A lovely taste, brews in the water quickly but is a strong taste
Not for me tasteless did not like sorry was like drinking dirty water
When I first heard of cold infusions I was very excited. I don't like to drink plain water so adding a bit of taste was something I really wanted. I saw an offer at Tesco for this products so I bought 2 different tastes. I have never ever drank anything so disgusting like this. I'm sorry but water tastes much better with fresh fruit. I felt like I drink water with some sour leaves in it. It looks like a lot of people love the taste, but not me. If I'm too honest, I'm sorry. But that's the truth. I'll stick to water with fresh mint leaves and slice of lemon.
Its Okay...
Well I buy other flavours from this cold teabags range and find they taste amazing. So naturally I wanted to try others but this one isn't my favourite I'm afraid although in the warm weather with a couple of ice cubes in its refreshing.
Tried and tested
I brought the bottle and the infusion tea bags, as I wanted to try something different. They are different and good for herbal tea lovers! I enjoyed mine and used this instead of fruit juice. But I will say I do prefer my hot tea!
Like all the other cold infusions I've tried the taste of herbs is overwhelming. If something is advertised as raspberry then that's what it should taste like, not hibiscus.
use this at work in my water bottle. has a lovely subtle taste. is refreshing aswell, love it when its cold.
Slight taste
Perfect if your not a fan of plain water, give you a slight fruity taste so it is wonderful. So easy to use too! Just pop in your water bottle, i do have the water bottle what goes with it but would think it would work with all
Fab little idea
I use these at my work in my water bottle. They give such a subtle yet lovely flavour to plain water. This helps me to drink more water than I would normally. I use them in a 750ml water bottle and it works a treat
Not for me!
I tried these cold infusions after I was recommended them at work as I used to not being able to drink plain water. I then purchased two packs and happily had my first sips. It had that chemical taste, kind of like those 'alternative sugars'. Little did I know that less than an hour later I'd be rushed to hospital because of an allergic reaction! I still don't know what went wrong but just because of that chemical taste, I would not recommend this product!
Great Smell but not much flavour
They smell wonderful, very easy to use. Lacking in flavour though, some flavours have an underlying bitterness to them. If the flavour of them was a bit more powerful I’d grab these again.
This is a really good cold drink, even better with a little bit sweetener in it depending on your taste.
I love iced tea however this did not live up to my expectations. The flavour was really lacking for me and I actually left the bag in a little longer than recommended to have greater taste. It was however hydrating and quite refreshing but not worth the cost.
Flavour was not great. Too sweet and not enough fruit flavour. Will not be purchasing again! Overpriced too! Would recommend instead squash or just mint and lemon! WOuld not recommend

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