4.4 5 0 27 27 Enjoy all the deliciousness of tea and biscuits without the biscuit! Yorkshire Tea Biscuit Brew has the soothing taste of Yorkshire Tea infused with malty sweetness. Enjoy this satisfying brew with a splash of milk for a proper teatime treat.
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Love these
These are great, they do taste literally like you have dipped a biscuit in tea, hard to find in my local supermarkets only one seems to stock them and always sell out, I love them but have a few friends who hated them
So yummy
Oh my goodness these taste just like digestive biscuits, the perfect mid morning cuppa. Totally delicious tea. So recommend to every tea and dinner biscuit person as this is the taste with out the crumbs.
I bought this product expecting the beautiful crunchiness of a light wispy biscuit. But to my horror I discovered that it came biscuitless!!!! Yorkshire Tea I am outraged.
Yorkshire Tea
I was a bit unsure to try this at first but glad I did, it has a subtle malty biscuit taste, definitely like dunked biscuits without the bits! It has a nice sweet smell too, will be buying again.
Yorkshire Tea and Malty Biscuit
Initially not too bothered with this tea but now I love a cuppa in the morning. Well worth a try.
A lovely cuppa!
I was really looking forward to trying this and I'm so pleased I finally bought some because it's lovely. I tend to always have biscuits with regular tea but I don't feel the need to with this. It has a subtle biscuity flavour and after letting my mum and sister have some they have now each bought a box of it! I will continue to buy and recommend!
I wasn’t too sure about this tea but thought I would give it a try. The taste is quite pleasant - quite malty. Definitely tastes like malty biscuits have been dunked in the tea making process. Will stick to the original blend.
I was really skeptical as things that smell nice usually don’t taste it, but it did. It tastes the exact same as when you dunk a digestive into your tea. Would definitely recommend
Was absolutely sceptical, but as soon as the hot water hits the teabag you can smell the biscuits. And the taste is exactly like the smell. I hold the creators in high regard, it's a true product that fits well with the British.
I was a little sceptical at first, but they really do smell as if you have dunked some digestives/hobnobs into your mug. Adding sweetener only enhances the experience, so I would highly recommend trying it
Found this just a bit weird like I was drinking biscuits. Weird not for me
I purchased this hoping it would give me the taste of dunking a biscuit in my cuppa! However it tasted like any normal cup of tea! The only thing biscuity about it was the smell!
This is such a surreal experience, it is 100% like drinking a biscuit. i'm on a diet and this is fantastic when that sweet craving hits, just like having a biscuit without the calories
This is such a good tea, my whole family love it. It’s got a really biscuit taste...a must try.
Great flavour
If your after something different this is definitely it. Great flavour and you can smell the biscuit flavour.

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