A. Vogel Echinaforce (50ml)

4.9 5 0 127 127 Relief for coughs and colds Traditional herbal remedy Strengthens the immune system A. Vogel Bioforce Echinaforce is a traditional herbal remedy for the symptomatic relief of coughs, colds and influenza type infections and similar upper respiratory tract conditions. Echinacea has been used for generations for the relief of respiratory tract conditions.
A. Vogel Echinaforce (50ml)


The whole family use this during the winter months and it does reduce illness. Highly recommended.
My immune system go-to
I swear by this stuff! Absolutely love it-thank you!
Great to fight off colds
I add this to some water and take each day to keep the bugs away
A staple for the medicine cabinet!
I use this when I feel my immune system needs a boost or I detect a slight sore throat or sniffles. This product has been a "go to" in my family for years as it's a natural resource to support your body's own immunity.
Great natural medicine
Great natural medicines. Help the immune system>...
Great get you through the winter months
This is a great supplement I give to my whole family to get us all through the winter coughs and colds. During times of illness I've taken the maximum dose and I have felt I recovered quicker by doing so.
My go to
This is the go to for the first symptoms of cold or flu. If I start to feel something creeping in on me I take this and it stops it in its tracks
Makes such a difference to your health
My cousin sent me this when I had covid for the first time. Of course it didn’t cure it but I did notice it did help once I started using it. I used the right amount and times a day and I’ve seen results. At the beginning during covid I couldn’t taste anything but once I was better, I felt unwell a couple months after and I heard it’s good to take when you feel like you’re gonna come down with something and so I took it. Then BANG! My cousin was right, it taste like grass. So the flavour is disgusting and I’m Sure they can add something to it to fix that but other than that, I am willing to look past it because it actually works. I will admit, I don’t know the history or know the science behind the plant but all I know is it works and it’s natural!
secret weapon against cold!
I love medicines that are quite natural, it feels better to use herbal medicines before trying out strong chemistry-level ones. Echinacea is known for its healing anti-cold qualities and is easy to use - just pop a required amount of drops in a glass, add a tiny bit of water and drink it. Helps the immune system too!
got flu get this
This is my go to treatment at the first signs of cold or flu. Always in my first aid cabinet
Essential during winter season!
Echinaforce is my go to when me or my family start feeling a bit rundown...great quality clean product to boost the immune system and prevent any cold/flu...I have other a.vogel products and I'm always very satisfy with how I feel after taking them
A. Vogel Echinaforce
Great for the cold and flu season. Easy to take, can be used by all the family. Eases colds and flu and the flu goes away quicker and if you catch the flu early enough it can prevent it.
Helps boosting immune system
I use this in Winter, when using it I almost never get a cold. If I do it is never severe. I can really recommend it, it works for me. I go on holiday on cruises and always came down with severe colds until I started taking this 2 weeks before sailing I didn't get a cold again.
Winter essential
I use this product only when I feel that I am coming down with a cold, it really does work by boosting immune system and instead of taking days to get over a cold you can get over it within a day or so.
A useful product for colds
I bought this as it was on offer and glad I did . I have found it really helped with virus infections and would recommend it for anyone with a cold

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