A. Vogel Echinaforce (50ml)

4.9 5 0 117 117 Relief for coughs and colds Traditional herbal remedy Strengthens the immune system A. Vogel Bioforce Echinaforce is a traditional herbal remedy for the symptomatic relief of coughs, colds and influenza type infections and similar upper respiratory tract conditions. Echinacea has been used for generations for the relief of respiratory tract conditions.
A. Vogel Echinaforce (50ml)


A. Vogel Echinaforce
Great for the cold and flu season. Easy to take, can be used by all the family. Eases colds and flu and the flu goes away quicker and if you catch the flu early enough it can prevent it.
Helps boosting immune system
I use this in Winter, when using it I almost never get a cold. If I do it is never severe. I can really recommend it, it works for me. I go on holiday on cruises and always came down with severe colds until I started taking this 2 weeks before sailing I didn't get a cold again.
Winter essential
I use this product only when I feel that I am coming down with a cold, it really does work by boosting immune system and instead of taking days to get over a cold you can get over it within a day or so.
A useful product for colds
I bought this as it was on offer and glad I did . I have found it really helped with virus infections and would recommend it for anyone with a cold
Flu busting flower juice
This is something that, as soon as a chill hit the air, my mother would add to my morning orange juice as a child. Initially water was the chosen fluid, but upon our gags and complaints as to the taste of the echinacea and water solution, she switched to juice. Luckily the juice had a sufficient intensity of flavour to mask the true taste of the echinacea, which, if truth be told, tastes like a flower which has been fermented in a compost bin. However, despite the taste (which it is possible to get used to) we were never sick as children, and I can only imagine that we had this and the clean country air to thank.
I take this as part of my morning routine in all year round after using it in the winter months and since doing so I have not had the flu. This gives me energy on those dark cold mornings and now those summer mornings too and makes me feel totally uplifted.
Simply put …I swear by this product ! Since trying this I have saved so much on useless cold and flu remedies and just top up with natural honey and lemon .
Good product
The right product for me, I will definitely buy it again.
A cold season must have
I often suffer with colds and flus in the autumn and winter months due to other health reasons, these drops and the tablet form are such a great product. These tablets often prevent me from needing reoccuring antibiotics and because they are herbal much better for my body. I buy these every year witthout fail.
Very economical and affective
I have been using echinacea for over a decade. I bought it in different forms over the years. I used to take it as soon as I had first signs of illness and I usually managed to catch it in time. I have recommended it to so many friends of mine as I think herbal remedies are just so great and better for your health. This version is more potent and pure and a bottle last a long time, much longer than a packet of tablets, though maybe less convenient to carry it in your handback, but I think it is great.
Amazing Natural Herbal Remedy for Colds and Flu
This is an amazing product if you are into natural remedies! Forget the antibiotics - take Echinea drops as soon as you feel that tingle in your throat and suspect you might get the Flu or a Cold. This will stop it in its tracks! Or just use it when your body feels run down - it is an excellent immune booster.
Powerful immune support for colds and flu
I have used this product for years. Each time I get the inkling if a cold or flu I start taking these drops according to the instructions. I find that I get over my illness quicker, with reduced symptoms. Particularly compared to my husband who generally has a better immune system then me. Echinacea drops do have an unusual taste for most taste buds, but they can be well diluted if necessary. Considering the production the cost is reasonable and certainly worth it to improve immunity. Vogel are a long established and well established company that produce a range of high quality products. I am more than happy to use them and search out their products when I need them.
Good all round immune booster
Natural way to keep the whole family healthy - even the dogs and cats! we used the drops for one of our cats who had a low immune system and was always getting sick (this was recommended to me by a vet)
Store cupboard staple
I keep Echinaforce echinacea drops in my cupboard for whenever a feel a cold or similar hovering round
Immune booster
I stsrt taking these when I start feeling run down. Tastes revolting but do notice how quickly I get over colds these days. EVen took It when I got covid and I do believe it helped.

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