A. Vogel Echinaforce (50ml)

4.8 5 0 100 100 Relief for coughs and colds Traditional herbal remedy Strengthens the immune system A. Vogel Bioforce Echinaforce is a traditional herbal remedy for the symptomatic relief of coughs, colds and influenza type infections and similar upper respiratory tract conditions. Echinacea has been used for generations for the relief of respiratory tract conditions.
A. Vogel Echinaforce (50ml)


Great for keeping your immune system up
Over the years I have dipped into echinacea as a regular daily supplement but then often forger to restock once I have ran out. With the drops though, I found them much more convenient to use than other formats and I can honestly say that there is clearly a boost to the immune system when using there. I cant say I have never had a cold when using them but I have no doubt I get over any illness far quicker than when I have downtime and stop using it. There are now a regular item in my medicine cabinet. Highly recommend them to anyone who requires a boost to their health and some additional protection from colds and flus.
Immune support
Use this for myself and my dogs as an immune support when dealing with infections
Good relief
Always take when I start to notice a cold as it can help relieve some of the symptoms. It is easy to swallow and doesn’t have a lasting taste or aftertaste which is good too
Natural remedy
If I feel a cold brewing I always take this and fell not only does it pick me up but that it helps keep the worst of it away!
Helps keep the cold at bay.
I always take it when I feel a cold starting. Helps to keep it at bay so you don't suffer as much, Have been using it for a while as it also helps to give you a boost should you need it.
Brilliant boost to ward off colds etc
Every autumn and over the winter we give our immune system a boost with echinacea and this is easier than taking tablets. A few drops in a glass of water and it seems to keep the colds away. Always have it in the house just in case a cold gets us in the summer, but so far it's not been needed.
Great for menopause
I bought this for the menopause and it works really well as a vitamin to perk you up and uplift you during them moments when you lack enervy and feel like doing nothing it is a great pick me up vitamin
Tastes terrible but gets rid of really sore throats very quickly.
I tend to be prone to strep throat, prescription meds have stopped working. I turned to Echinacea as a natural alternative and every time I start to feel the sore throat starting, I take half a dropperful of this twice a day for 5 days. Always works, though the taste leaves a lot to be desired. Tastes like what you would expect garden weeds to taste like. But I still use it.
Great results if you’re feeling run down
I’ve used the drops and the tablets whenever I’ve felt like I’m starting with a cold, or just generally feel a little run down. I don’t like taking paracetamols or ibuprofen and this is a fantastic alternative which honestly works!
Best natural remedy brand
I like natural remedy...Special A. Vogel brand. So many times helped me in situations. Special then feeling depression...only this brand helped me. The new Echinaforce drops good too. I using always then i feeling cold . Highly recommending
Works brilliantly. Easy to use. Simple instructions handy size bottle east to store.
A regular purchase for my cupboard!
This immune boosting gem is great for when you feel rundown, tired or in the very early stages of a cold/flu. I always add the recommended dose to my water or a hot drink over the course of a few days and usually always feel much better and feel that I have given my immune system a shot of life. Worth every penny and very useful to have stocked in the medicine cupboard.
Who knows?
I don't know if this worked for me or not but it was recommended to me by my GP when I was diagnosed with glandular fever in my first year of university. It tasted horrible but I felt like I was doing something for my immune system. I took it religiously for a full year at least.
Kept the cold away
I started taking this when my girlfriend had a cold and I didn’t get it! Very impressed and I’ll definitely continue to take it and refer it to my friends and family. A must have!
Helps your immune system
Very good support for your immune system especially during the winter period.

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