A. Vogel Echinaforce (50ml)

4.8 5 0 105 105 Relief for coughs and colds Traditional herbal remedy Strengthens the immune system A. Vogel Bioforce Echinaforce is a traditional herbal remedy for the symptomatic relief of coughs, colds and influenza type infections and similar upper respiratory tract conditions. Echinacea has been used for generations for the relief of respiratory tract conditions.
A. Vogel Echinaforce (50ml)


Eases symptoms by a mile
These nifty little tablets are a superhero in disguise. When you have the onset of cold and flu symptoms pop one of these and it will help ease those nasty side effects. Natural and not too big of a tablet to take. These are a staple in our household for when you are run down these little heroes will work their magic.
Seems to work
When experiencing the early symptoms of a cold, taking this in the recommended amounts has proved effective. It seems to work by cutting the cold short, or diminishing its impact. A useful product to keep as a standby in the cupboard.
Immunity booster
This is a great immunity booster, which I honestly believe works. I use this occasionally to keep me well but also as my first defence at the first sign of a cold. Great product!
Works (well I think)
Always keep a bottle handy. Take it as soon as I feel a bit of a cold starting and it never seems to get any worse. I would assume it is it working well. Unless I have just been unbelievably lucky 😂 I highly doubt that as I used to catch everything
Good Immune booster
Great drops to disguise in food or/and drink as the taste is very distinctive. Myself and household doesn't mind it so much in an orange squash. Keeps colds away and a good immune booster for all year round.
Good bye cold
When my friend told me about it i couldn't belive, but i try my self as it really work i dont have cold or been poorly while i use it. One thing hard get drops out of that tiny bottle.
Winter Helper
I always keep this in my medicine cabinet ready for Winter and take regular doses as soon as I feel a cold coming on. I'd say it works 9 times out of 10 to stop any cold, or sore throat from progressing.
Cold season staple!
I've been using A.Vogel's echinacea drops since my teenage years and wouldn't be without it. Whenever I'm feeling run down or it's coming to cold and flu season I always give my body a boost by using this for a few weeks. It works... And even if I do end up catching a cold it reduces the symptoms significantly so that I can keep on going. As a busy mother of three it's a medicine cupboard staple. My teens use it now too... A generation on and it's still the best thing to beat a cold.
Natural help
I found this to be a natural way of helping me with cold and flu symptoms. I don't like any of the cold relief products on sale and found this to be an excellent substitute and would definitely use it again.
Works like magic
I like the organic smell and it works wonders .my daughter frequently gets a cold and this does the job!
Have used this product regularly and it helps with winter coughs and cold no side effects at alat all
It really worked
I’m suspicious of health products so I didn’t not expect this to help with my cold but an American friend swears by it so I gave it a try for a cold. It certainly helped and I was impressed. It’s my go to cold remedy.
I have a terrible immune system was catching every illness, since taking this I’ve had 1 cold which was mild, normally it would have gone to my chest and I’d have ended up on antibiotics, not anymore, highly recommend this
Absolutely fantastic
This product helps so much that I haven't had flu in 2 years. Its so gold I depend on it and recommend it to everyone. .y sister and brother in law use it religiously and my mom introduced it to me years ago!!
My friend said to use this product after having covid , don’t know if it worked but i think it help me feel better quicker, I still use it everyday in a bottle of water.

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