Actimel Dairy Free Almond Mango & Passion Fruit

4 5 0 196 196 Fermented almond and oat based product with fruit, brown cane sugar, added vitamins and flavourings. B Corp: As a B Corp, we are part of a global movement of companies who aim to use business as a force for good in society. It is important to us that we show our positive impact on people and planet. To find out more about what we do, search Danone UK on the B Corp directory online. #BTheChange. Widely Recycled Almond & oat based 2 strains of live cultures With vit D & B6 support the normal function of immune system Low in sugar Suitable for vegans Pack size: 600G With vit D & B6 support the normal function of immune system Low in sugar
Actimel Dairy Free Almond Mango & Passion Fruit


Surprisingly nice
I didn't really expect to like this, as I wasn't a fan of their non-vegan products. The taste is really nice, not too sweet, and you can indeed taste the mango and passion fruit. I did not notice any difference in my well-being, but to be fair, I'm fairly healthy anyway, and I am not sure just using it for a few days would have much of an impact. If only vegan products would not always be more expensive than the non-vegan versions!
Wanting to get my body feeling right all the time and help it along the way additionally. Id recommend this product as a Vegan replacement to ''normal'' Actimels
Not for me
I've become lactose intolerant recently & tried these to replace the original ones. Yuk! Honestly couldn't drink these, to me they were disgusting. Back to the drawing board for me!
Great for gut health
I’m lactose intolerant so finding pro biotic products has always been difficult, I was therefore so happy to try these! They taste great, like a light yogurt with a subtle taste, and I do think make a massive difference to my gut happiness! I really notice it on days I forget to drink one of these. Thoroughly recommend!
great product
this is a lovely great taste yoghurt drink
Nice flavour
Personally I like this product. It's less sweet then the dairy one. It is also better for my gut.
We love this product in our house, and being dairy free is great as I am intolerant. It has a great taste, very very fruity and the kids love it too. I recommend to everyone. Its lovely.
I liked it?
I have a strong stomach for many flavours and textures so I will put it down to that. All of the people in my household tried this and thought it was disgusting. I thought it was great however I am used to dairy alternatives and I think they are not. I liked it I guess BUT it does NOT taste anything like the normal actimel
Adore it!
This is a new favourite, this is BETTER than traditional dairy. The taste, texture and sweetness were spot on.
A Perfect Dairy Free Alternative
I tried these recently after seeing them in store. I try to avoid dairy as much as possible, but often alternatives can be quite bland. I found these rather tasty.
It’s ok
Not bad taste, bought it for my son and he likes it, will recommend it
Not to my liking
We bought this for the family to try a new flavour. Not to any of our liking. The children really didn’t like it in the slightest. Husband thought it was ok, “I’d have it if there was nothing else”. Me, I prefer the dairy version but I appreciate that they are trying to please the wider market by giving alternatives. I’m able to have dairy so it’s ok for me to switch back, but when I wasn’t allowed dairy, I wouldn’t have been able to keep drinking this.
So so
I really love actimel but sadly the dairy free option is not for me. Not everyone is so lucky to be dairy tolerant, so I recommend to try and decide.
Was ok
My daughter has a milk allergy so we buy these for her.Love the fact that its availabe dairy free.My daughter likes them me not so much the taste could be improved but i guess for what it is (dairy free) great !
Good item, bit pricey
This is a great item, and it's wonderful to finally have an alternative to dairy in the local shops. The flavour is good and I enjoyed them. However, I got them on an offer and I'm unsure if I'd pay full price for them unless I required them urgently (for long term antibiotic offset or some similar reason).

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