2.9 5 0 8 8 A velvety chocolate mousse with swirls of salted caramel and finely chopped hazelnuts.
Aero Heavenly Milk Chocolate Mousse with Salted Caramel Sauce & Hazelnuts
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I love this.
I love this and I would recommend this to anyone who likes caramel. it's price is too much for a small tub, only down side.
Mixed feelings
So I thought I'd give this a try as I love Aero and the idea of salted caramel and hazelnuts but I was quite disappointed. The taste was nice although I didn't get any caramel but the major thing was the big pieces of hazelnut, they really ruined the texture for me and didn't add anything positive. I think if everything was blended in or there was hazelnut paste swirled in that would make a huge difference.
Very sweet. Quite a nice flavour but a bit too rich for me. You can’t eat much because it is so sweet. Don’t think I would buy it again as there are products available that I like more.
Came across this in the reduced section the mousse is as you would expect from aero very silky and chocolatey the salted caramel was ok but not the best but what let in down was the little bits of hazelnuts why bother should of left it at chocolate and salted caramel
i have try, but for me taste is like soap - nothing goods.
recently found this to try. very nice and addictive. it is a little sweet however. and it a bit like soft ice cream.
This product was a bit like eating melted icecream - but it was gooooood! It was a little naughty but tasted very nice.
The flavour appealed to me on the shelf, salted caramel is a favourite of mine however I found this terribly sickly and sweet with an unpleasant aftertaste. Totally disappointed, I thought it was going to be amazing.
This looks really good! I wonder if it will be overly sweet?
This seems as if it could either be delicious or destructive and I am very to keen to try and find out! I love chocolate mouse and the texture of it
I haven’t tried this but it does look heavenly Yum.
I am addicted to Aero chocolate - would love to give this new flavour a try!
I would like to try this. Have not seen it in my local shop yet
The picture is kind of off putting but I love salted caramel and hazelnuts, once i see this in the shops ill give it a go.
That looks heavenly I would gladly be a tester for it

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