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Alive Calcium 60 Soft Jells food supplements
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Great product
These are great to make sure your getting everything you need... Not bad tasting unlike other brands they taste vile, these are the best tasting ones I have found so far make things them perfect... Definitely recommend these to anyone...
Taste really good
I love these they taste like sweets, unfortunately my son doesn't agree but he doesn't like sweet things. Great for kids who love a pick n mix sweet like me!
very chewy sweets
these vitamins are really tasty!!! i never normally take any supplements but i actually love these! whats more is that they are suitable for vegetarians. soft and chewy with added vegetables and calcium, not like the chalky tablets that you find.
I first tried these when they were on sale in our local supermarket. I think they are a great alternative for people who struggles to swallow tablet/pills however for me I found them quite pricey and felt no extra benefits in comparison to cheaper alternatives in tablet form. I personally would only recommend to anyone who finds the large vitamin pills a challenge.
These look great,will definitely consider buying for kids as calcium is so important.
ive not tried any of these productsbut i really would like to try them for free plz
These look great,will definitely consider buying for kids as calcium is so important.
Defo look fun for the family to including the kids in getting fit and taking vitamins they look 👀 fab
What a perfect product this would be for me! I am awful at eating dairy products so would be an excellent source of calcium intake for me! Would love the opportunity to try it out
I haven't tried these as there more money than I care to spend on vitamins and calcium supplements!!! In a shopping trip lately I saw them for over £3 and I like a bargain when trying new products so I didn't buy them plus all my kids are old enough to buy them themselves lol.
never heard of it but would like to try a free sample thank you.
these look very tasty and what a great and convenient way to take calcium every day.
I have lots of illnesses and have to take a range of vitamins of which calcium is one of them , it costs me a small fortune to buy everything so I end up buying the cheaper versions but would love to try a well known brand for a change.

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