4.2 5 0 17 17 Alpecin Hybrid Caffeine Shampoo 250ml This shampoo cleanses the hair very gently. It moisturises and soothes the scalp. The "fuel" in the form of caffeine can still penetrate the scalp. Here it stimulates the hair roots and prevents hair loss.
Alpecin Hybrid Caffeine Shampoo
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Ideal for your hair
Really loved this product my partner uses it all the time and I've used too great for my hair we purchase this often now
Made hair dry
I wasn't able to use it long enough to evaluate the 'Caffeine for growth' claims because it made my hair quite frizzy and dry. Might be more suitable if you have more oily/straight hair. I'd say this isn't really for drier, curlier hair.
My parter uses this product and loves it would definitely recommend to people to use it’s definitely one we buy every week now.
Like it
I like this company and the products are quite good for your hair but you definitely need a conditioner.
Hit of Caffeine for your hair!
I think it is very good, I don't go in for novelties, but it smells lovely, it created a nice lather, and my hair certainly liked it.
Not Worth It
While trying to grow out my hair I gave this a go hoping that it might stimulate the growth and help, but honestly I did not notice any difference at all and it seems to not be worth the extra cash you pay for it. It smells nice and works fine as shampoo, but that's about it.
I have tried it for a wail and it was good , me hear was cleane and it stopped me lose of hear and me hear was soft and it head volume after washing it with this product.
Very good shampoo!
My husband really like this shampoo he feels it’s the upgrade for the standard one. It leaves his hair soft and hopefully slows down the hair loss process.
Very good product leaves your hair feeling fresh as daisies and smells good to
effective shampoo for thinning hair
Tried over a month & found hair thicker & less sparse. You need to leave in as long as you can before rinsing to get most effect.4-5 mins if possible.
my first time trying this and I was enormously impressed A good lather and a lovely fresh fragrance My hair felt clean I will buy this again Definitely recommend to anyone with thinning hair
I love it Is stimating my roots to grow Is realy working
I suffer with psoriasis and was recommend to try this product. First of all I was pleasantly surprised with the smell. Most other shampoos I’ve tried to help my skin have a horrendous smell however this was more than just bearable, I liked the smell. Within a couple of weeks of using twice a week my scalp was left noticeably in a better condition feeling much more hydrated and I wasn’t left with flaking skin.
Gave me more confidence
I was very pleased with this product. First off it has a pleasant aroma and kept my hair clean and made it look healthy. I don't know whether less hair fell out as a result of using it but ultimately just using it made me feel that bit more confident. I will buy this product again.
Really good
I bought this as found my hair was falling out a lot more. Since using the shampoo I have had no problems, brilliant

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