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Alpro Caffe
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Delicious, maybe a little too sweet
This feels and tastes like a luxury drink however I find the caramel in this a little too sweet for my palette. I would like to see more flavours offered in the alpro flavoured dairy free milk range.
Creamy and Delicious
I love the caramel flavour of this coffee and it is just the right sweetness. It is so creamy you wouldn’t realise it is dairy free, it is the perfect alternative for dairy iced coffee. I buy this regularly and love it straight from the fridge. It is also really handy if you need a quick coffee.
smooth and sweet
brilliant. great as a refreshing drink on its own but brilliant in a coffee (iced or hot) defo a thumbs up from me
I love this drink, so much! The flavour is amazing and it's so smooth. I am trying to cut down on milk consumption but have always enjoyed cold coffees so it's great that there is a non dairy option available in this delicious caramel flavour. The large cartoon is great too,meaning I get a few drinks from it!
Not as good as alternatives
Cold brew make similar product which is just more luxurious tasting.
I love this drink. The only criticism is that by buying the carton, it’s too easy to drink to much of it. It’s smooth, creamy and just the right amount of caramel sweet. Amazing drink. The hazelnut one is gorgeous too.
Loved It
Its hard looking for good dairy free alternatives, this caramel coffee drink is so refreshing on a hot day and has become my favorite. I tend to purchase one every week when i go shopping, highly recommend.
Love this just as a refreshment to be honest, straight from the fridge. I also add it to my coffee but you can certainly enjoy it on its own too.
Good summer homemade frapp
This drink is luscious all of the ways I've tried it - straight from the carton, warmed up and blended up with a little ice in the summer to make a homemade frappuccino
Lovely clean flavours in a dairy free alternative that is indistinguishable from the dairy original! Great over iced as an iced caramel coffee. Will definitely be recommending
Love this good alternative give normal cold coffee currently have carton in the fridge
This drink is the best! It’s so delicious I couldn’t tell it was dairy free it also tastes like something you could buy from Starbucks or costa! You all need to try it out
Too sweet
Tried this as love seeing more vegan products, nice flavor but way too sweet and very expensive for what it is.
This has a lovely flavour. It's quite pricey though, so it's an occasional treat for me rather than a staple.
Good Product but high price. Is nice to finally have a ice 'milky' coffee available

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