4.7 5 0 68 68 Discover Alpro® Cherry with more fruit, No Added Sugars, a delicious plant-based alternative to yogurt without any added sugars or sweeteners. It simply contains naturally occurring sugars of cherry, simply delightful.
Alpro More Fruit No Added Sugars Cherry Yogurt
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Love it!
I love this yogurt. It's full of flavour. There's loads of black cherries in the pot. It's thick , creamy and so good for you.
Alpro yoghurt
This dairy free Yoghurt is a firm favourite in our house. Great to add on top of cereal or just plain from the tub!
I loved this product so much I loved the face it had real cherry chunks in it
Tasty yogurt
It's very tasty yogurt, very fruity. Like to buy it.
Fruity and not too sweet
I loved this product. I adore cherries and this was cherry yoghurt with chunks of real cherry mixed in too. I don't normally buy fruity yoghurts as don't like the added sugar as I eat them mostly for breakfast. This was perfect. Naturally sweet without being sickly. Tasted natural and had a lovely thick texture and an almost almondy flavour too. Delicious
Lovely and creamy dairy free yoghurt.. I chop some fruit to mix through to sweeten
Love it!
This is one of the yummiest yoghurts out there right now. My supermarket substituted it for another product and I’ve been buying it ever since. Highly recommended, in my opinion.
This dairy free Yoghurt is well liked in our house. Great in smoothies, on top of desert or just plain from the tub!
Rich Flavour
I love this yoghurt its so rich and creamy hard to believe its a soya product you feel like your having a luxury product, the cherry is pleasant could do with a bit more fruit in it.
Love this yogurt!
I probably eat way too much Alpro yogurt, but it is sooo good. Creamy and fruity and guilt-free! Definitely a must-buy. This is part of our weekly shopping needs. I always add some extra fruit and /or granola - perfect for breakfast or a quick snack!
I really like it. Very good alternative for milk containing dairy. It’s tasty and what’s more important for me has no sugar. I really recommend it.
Rich & creamy
I love the taste of this yoghurt. It is rich and creamy without any artificialness to the flavour. It's perfect on its own o great poured over granola or muesli.
Love it
I love the all Alpro yoghurts. They have a lot of different taste. This one is one of my favourite
So when buying this I hadn’t actually realised it isn’t yogurt and on trying it I was none the wiser either! It is creamy, fruity and very tasty. I would recommend this flavour, it is definitely my favourite in the range.
Good disguise for soya
Eating regular soya alto yoghurts have an oaty taste to them. The natural sugar in the blueberries really makes a difference. I would eat this product by choice and not just because avoiding dairy

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