4.7 5 0 59 59 Discover Alpro® Cherry with more fruit, No Added Sugars, a delicious plant-based alternative to yogurt without any added sugars or sweeteners. It simply contains naturally occurring sugars of cherry, simply delightful.
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Love this yogurt!
I probably eat way too much Alpro yogurt, but it is sooo good. Creamy and fruity and guilt-free! Definitely a must-buy. This is part of our weekly shopping needs. I always add some extra fruit and /or granola - perfect for breakfast or a quick snack!
I really like it. Very good alternative for milk containing dairy. It’s tasty and what’s more important for me has no sugar. I really recommend it.
Rich & creamy
I love the taste of this yoghurt. It is rich and creamy without any artificialness to the flavour. It's perfect on its own o great poured over granola or muesli.
Love it
I love the all Alpro yoghurts. They have a lot of different taste. This one is one of my favourite
So when buying this I hadn’t actually realised it isn’t yogurt and on trying it I was none the wiser either! It is creamy, fruity and very tasty. I would recommend this flavour, it is definitely my favourite in the range.
Good disguise for soya
Eating regular soya alto yoghurts have an oaty taste to them. The natural sugar in the blueberries really makes a difference. I would eat this product by choice and not just because avoiding dairy
Best dairy free yogurt
Alpro cherry yogurt is the best Dairy free yogurt you can find in the market. It have chunks of cherries as well as creamy dairy free yogurt which can be enjoyed by an adult and a child. I am using this yogurt for my dairy intolerant toddler. She loves the taste.
a delicious taste and smell. it is my favourite yogurt ever. not too sweet , you feel the natural taste and Fresh fruits . looking for a small bottle , or small size for children
Loved the flavour
It was a nice, creamy yogurt base with a good amount of fruit
Creamy with slot of fruits
Lovely creamy yogurt with slot of fruits. love there is not sugar too.i try to give my kids different yogurt with less sugar and they love it.
Approved Cherry
Have tried most of this make enjoy all but the black cherry is by far my favourite, so addicted I eat one & a half pots a day.
Fab taste
This is fab, the taste and the fruit 🍇 are just great. It helps me due to not tolerating milk very much. Would and will eat more often.
So different
I used to eat this yogurt all the time until they did the no added sugar version. For me this is just to tart and I can not eat it. I bought two and threw them away. Wish they would bring back the original version in the Strawberry and rhubarb flavour it was amazing :(
I love the taste of this. I am trying to be a little bit healthier now that I am getting older and just love how this tastes just like natural milk yoghurt.
Not for me
I love Alpro yoghurts. I normally love anything Cherry flavoured. Unfortunately, this wasn’t for me. The consistency was perfect but the flavour wasn’t what I expected. Others may quite like it. I prefer the mango flavour and absolutely love the smaller raspberry pots which I can never find.

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