Always Ultra Normal (Size 1) Sanitary Towels Wings x32

4.6 5 0 312 312 Don’t settle for less than 3x protection: ALWAYS Ultra Normal (Size 1) sanitary towels with wings use the latest technology to create a multifunctional pad with 3 protection features. The InstantDry system absorbs liquid in seconds and keeps wetness away from your skin. LeakGuard technology locks liquid and helps to prevent leaks. These pads are also equipped with an OdourLock technology that neutralises odours, so that you can feel fresh and clean during your period. With ALWAYS Ultra you can feel confident all day long. Never settle, get 3x protection with Always.
Always Ultra Normal (Size 1) Sanitary Towels Wings x32


Always ultra
I have always used this brand , as someone who suffers from heavy periods and a figity night sleeper I definitely would recommend them! The long ones at night are brilliant and the fact they have wings makes it effective at protecting your underwear and making you feel safe and secure wearing these . They wrap up neatly and discreetly for desposal and are handy to keep in your bag just in case your caught out.
Good for protection and control
For protection and control, it really keeps you during those desperate awkward moment when you don't have access to the toilets and you need that extra time; well this protector 'Always Ultra with wings' helps stops any embarrassing moments. It's also slim and discreet moulds and fits with your body movements and curves.
Very comfortable
Great product and quite affordable in a multipack. Very comfortable to use, thin and absorbent. But the best thing is the smell! Very fresh scent, which I think helps with some of the odours.
Best sanitary products ever
The towels are comfortable and secure. You feel confident that there will be no leaks or embarrassing situations.
Good product
Easy to use. Good for normal flow. No leakage, no irritation. Thin and have that barely there feel.
Great for normal flow
They are very good for normal flow. I have to change rather frequently on 1 day when the flow is very heavy as they get filled easily. Irrespective, never had the leakage problem or rashes because of the wetness. Highly recommended.
I have used these pads for about 2 decades. There are comfy, absorb well and aren’t too bulky. The price per pack isn’t too bad.
Comfortable, fresh and secure
Absolutely love these sanitary pads. I feel so secure when wearing them and they are really comfortable and very easy to use. The pads also make me feel clean and fresh during my menstrual cycles.
Always go back to always
After trying many different brands of sanitary wear, I always come back to always. No irritation, feels secure. They also don't seem to move place in your underwear like some other brands do
Great protection
They Stay in place and feel secure, offering great protection, a nice robust feeling pad.
I only use wings and these pads are the best, super absorbent and leek proof and I always feel safe when I use them
Really comfortable pads
These pads are suitable for me, they are really comfortable to wear and I like the surface that covers them. I'm also a big fan of winged pads because they stay in place a lot more than the normal ones.
Absorbent pads
These pads are the best I have used. They are super absorbent and leakproof.
Just what I need
These are perfect for my time of the month, well packaged and the pads themselves benefit from wings which are a massive plus for me. The only downside for me is that I don’t believe it’s recyclable outside packaging.
Soft and gentle feel
I use this brand for my periods all the time, and it has never disappointed me. It has 100% coverage, and has a gentle fragrance which helps me feel both clean and comfortable, feeling safe at all times.

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