Aquafresh Intense Clean Lasting Fresh Toothpaste

4.6 5 0 35 35 Unique foam contains 5x smaller cleaning micro-crystals that actually get between teeth, giving you superior cleaning in hard to reach places†. Plus its active mineral formula helps purify breath and leaves you feeling fresher for up to 8x longer
Aquafresh Intense Clean Lasting Fresh Toothpaste


Decent product
I love aquafresh toothpaste. It leaves my mouth feeling fresh and clean. It has a lovely mint flavour. I like it better than the frillier versions that foam a ton or have whiteners.
Left feeling clean and fresh!
I love this toothpaste. It's tastes great it cleans my teeth well and it leave my mouth feeling really fresh after which seems to last for a while.
clean fresh taste
what i liked about this toothpaste is that it made your mouth feel really clean and fresh after brushing and it did last all day. i really like the taste of this toothpaste too. highly recommend
What I liked the most was the fresh feeling, my mouth felt really clean because of this toothpaste. I would highly recommend this product!
Buy it/try it/ wont be disappointed by it
Wow the words are definitely true INTENSE CLEAN!!! I wasn't really expecting much feom this aquarist toothpaste, but how wrong was I, I really was happy with this as from the very first use it really made my teeth and mouth feel clean and fresh, unlike alot of toothpastes ive used in the past it made my mouth feel clean for hours, whereas some within an hour you start to feel the cleanliness wearing off, its hard to exsplain exactly what I'm trying to say and describe lol all ill say is BUY IT/TRY IT/ YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED BY IT
Perfect dental , perfect , perfect , perfect , perfect
Clean fresh feeling
This product makes my teeth and mouth feel fresh and the taste is very nice. My teeth sensitivity is not affected when using the product which is a plus.
Very good
good product, leaves clean, has good taste, leaves fresh breath
Teeth feel clean
My teeth feel really clean after brushing with this toothpaste and it it’s got a nice taste
It’s ok.
For price i pay when it is on sale otherwise I think this is quite expensive. It foams quite a lot, and leave my mouth with a mint sensation but I don’t recognise it as having double the cleaning performance as it claims. My breath doesn’t feel as fresh towards the en doc the day as it would with other toothpastes.
Aquafresh = feeling fresh
This is a good toothpaste for the money it leaves your teeth feeling clean and your mouth feeling fresh.
Fresh feeling
Makes you teeth feel clean and fresh great product great for family use
Aquafresh intense clean
My husband will only use aquafresh intense toothpaste. It foams up well and leaves his mouth feeling clean and fresh.
Deep clean toothpaste
Very good toothpaste from aquafresh...great fresh taste in the mouth after brushing and leaves your teeth looking clean and white
Tried this toothpaste and was surprised how clean and fresh my teeth felt long lasting.

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