3.9 5 0 57 57 For hundreds of years, Icelanders have enjoyed skyr as part of their daily diet. Now, you can enjoy our silky smooth Icelandic-style yogurt boosted with oats and fruit to create a rounded breakfast or tasty snack that's fat free, reduced sugar* and high in protein.
Arla Skyr Fruit & Oats Layered With Apricots 190g
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Perfect snack
Really good snack on the go or at work/school. Low on sugar, but sweet enough for me - especially when you mix all the ingredients. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to keep a balanced diet.
Healthy option
I like eating this yogurt, there are a variety of flavours and every flavour has its unique taste, this yogurt is a healthy option for those early mornings and even best for evening's, creamy smooth apricot taste Is great
Very filling
For the calories vs fullness, very nice! Their other flavours are great too.
A nice little easy breakfast for when you are in a rush, good for before work for example, that you know will be a healthy choice too. Not cheap to have every single day though, and not the best flavour, I do prefer other yoghurts, just doesn't have a stand out taste.
Great product!
Love this product! Healthier than most yoghurts and is absolutely delicious and tasty. Also, love that it has apricot because that is one of my favourite fruits. Moreover, the yoghurt is so thick and creamy leaving my tastebuds in awe. Great as a snack on the go or as a light breakfast.
Best for stomach
I have tried this just to see if it has a negative effect on my stomack. But actually I can see a small improvement which I didn't expect.. I will try more to see for sure, but I will definitely recommend it.
I absolutely love Skyr yogurt! so thick and creamy it always leaves you full and it's so good for you, I wood pick this over a packet of crisp
Undecided - had been keen to try and it has a different taste to normal yogurts. Apricot is ok but do prefer the other flavours. Good start to the day if in a rush. Handy to take in the go to.
luv it
great taste and good to start a day after having it .
Nice flavour
The flavour is nice and it’s so good for a quick breakfast when in a rush which is what I buy for. The texture is a bit weird, but you can get used to it.
Lovley refreshing taste. It filled a hole and didn't do me any harm. I am diabetic so ideal for my new diet. Lovely fruity flavour.
Arla Skyr Fruit & Oats Layered With Apricots 190g
Really loved the texture after first mouthful my advice is simple buy buy buy.
Good and tasty
I bought on promotion about a month ago, since then I buy regularly. Perfect for picnics, trips etc. The attached spoon is a great idea
Not a good mix of flavours
I am a big fan of different flavoured yoghurts but did not enjoy this. Mixing in the apricot it looked almost curdled. The texture was not smooth and overall I did not enjoy it.
Skyr is one of my fav yoghurts, it's low fat, low sugar and has a high protein content. This is a great product for a quick breakfast or a on-the go snack, healthy alternative to chocolate! The apricot flavour is good for those that cannot pallet the taste of plain yoghurt.

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