3.7 5 0 47 47 For hundreds of years, Icelanders have enjoyed skyr as part of their daily diet. Now, you can enjoy our silky smooth Icelandic-style yogurt boosted with oats and fruit to create a rounded breakfast or tasty snack that's fat free, reduced sugar* and high in protein.
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Good and tasty
I bought on promotion about a month ago, since then I buy regularly. Perfect for picnics, trips etc. The attached spoon is a great idea
Not a good mix of flavours
I am a big fan of different flavoured yoghurts but did not enjoy this. Mixing in the apricot it looked almost curdled. The texture was not smooth and overall I did not enjoy it.
Skyr is one of my fav yoghurts, it's low fat, low sugar and has a high protein content. This is a great product for a quick breakfast or a on-the go snack, healthy alternative to chocolate! The apricot flavour is good for those that cannot pallet the taste of plain yoghurt.
not for me
I love skyr yogurts but i did not like this, i did not like the texture of it and did not rate the taste very much.
Light and tasty
This is my number 1! Very light and fruity. Perfect for good morning and as a snack when you want to snack something.
Fruity yogurt
This was a nice tasting yogurt and made a nice change to have fruit and oats with my yogurt. I need to try the other flavour now.
Creamy and tasty
This yogurt is really creamy and thick. Not too much taste of the apricots but delicious all the same. I like to east these for my breakfast as they have oats in which slowly released and make you fill full for longer. I would recommend this but they are quite expensive.
Lovely thick creamy yoghurt , not like other yogurt, fruit taste is delicate and not overpowering
Tasty and filling
A healthy snack that’s satisfying even as breakfast. I enjoy it for breakfast when I am in a rush. Really like the flavour and that it’s not fattening Definitely recommended
Healthy and creamy
I have tried this product for breakfast, tastes ok, but wish there is more fruity taste in this as I felt more creamy taste. Oats makes it a filling breakfast. No added sugar so it’s different from other yogurts I have tried. Product packaging is also convenient if you want to grab something on the go. If
I really enjoyed this pot of loveliness with oats and apricot, it's perfect to eat on the go or a quick convenient breakfast snack, there's even a small plastic spoon tucked under the lid. The yogurt is lovely, thick and creamy with a layer of Apricot fruit at the bottom of the pot and a small amount of oaty pieces throughout. Would definately recommend this tasty snack to anyone considering buying it.
Not for me
I have tried both flavours of these. Not for me. Which i had liked them
So tasty and healthy :)
Really enjoyed this very tasty yogurt.Perfect to eat for breakfast.Great to take on the go when i'm late and really happy to know that i can still eat healthily with it.Love it got its own little spoon in the cover. Would definitely recommend it to anyone.
Great grab & go breakfast
I usually need something quick and easy for breakfast that I can pick up out of my fridge when I'm on the way out of the door in the morning. This tastes great and keeps me feeling full until lunchtime. I love it !
Breakfast on the go
This is a filling refreshing breakfast option. Perfect for on the go, with the enclosed spoon is great. It's healthy and tasty what more could you want? Comes in a range of flavours to choose from

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