3.6 5 0 37 37 For hundreds of years, Icelanders have enjoyed skyr as part of their daily diet. Now, you can enjoy our silky smooth Icelandic-style yogurt boosted with oats and fruit to create a rounded breakfast or tasty snack that's fat free, reduced sugar* and high in protein.
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I really enjoyed this pot of loveliness with oats and apricot, it's perfect to eat on the go or a quick convenient breakfast snack, there's even a small plastic spoon tucked under the lid. The yogurt is lovely, thick and creamy with a layer of Apricot fruit at the bottom of the pot and a small amount of oaty pieces throughout. Would definately recommend this tasty snack to anyone considering buying it.
Not for me
I have tried both flavours of these. Not for me. Which i had liked them
So tasty and healthy :)
Really enjoyed this very tasty yogurt.Perfect to eat for breakfast.Great to take on the go when i'm late and really happy to know that i can still eat healthily with it.Love it got its own little spoon in the cover. Would definitely recommend it to anyone.
Great grab & go breakfast
I usually need something quick and easy for breakfast that I can pick up out of my fridge when I'm on the way out of the door in the morning. This tastes great and keeps me feeling full until lunchtime. I love it !
Breakfast on the go
This is a filling refreshing breakfast option. Perfect for on the go, with the enclosed spoon is great. It's healthy and tasty what more could you want? Comes in a range of flavours to choose from
Enjoyed this
I tried this last week after picking it up by mistake, I really enjoyed it, and would buy it again
Nice but still no taste of sugar doesn’t have a good flavour
A good healthy treat
It is not too sweet and does not leave a heavy feeling after eating , taste a bit fruity and a bit grainy because of oats .A bit too thin and runny in texture for me .But taste good and is a healthy treat for any time of the day.
Liked this alot
I liked this, I get other flavours and I'm used to sour fat tree yogurt. Did like it
Not so tastey
Not so keen on this one, not sure I would buy this again
Fruity and filling
I don't normally eat youghurt as I think they are too sour. I gave it a go and it was ok. I like the oats, it gave it a different texture.
Okay product
A me too product for breakfast. The only difference will be the prices compared to others. Tasted okay, quantity okay nothing hugely special.
Really enjoyed it nice and creamy as well as filling definitely recommend it
Tastes good
I quite liked this product! The consistency is quite thick but I liked and I felt like it kept me full for a good amount time.
Tasty, but nothing special
I purchased the product as I liked the combination of oats and apricots. It tasted okay but there could be more oats in it (they were hard to find) and the apricot flavour was very artificial. You are better off mixing your own with yogurt, oats and fresh apricot.

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