4.5 5 0 40 40 "My French Fries will dazzle your taste buds. Once you eat one, you won't be able to resist finishing the entire bowl. Perfect for sharing with friends and family, but they won't be around for long!"
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Nice and quick to cook
This is my go to quick meal these and a frozen chicken product, as a quick meal to feed the kids. We all enjoyed them oven baked but I can’t wait to try them in the air fryer. I’m hoping they come out even more crispy.
best fries
If your dinner is not ready and you need to eat something this is good idea with chicken nuggets or fish.Kids loves it and adults too.Great taste with ketchup or mayonese however you like.
Excellent, quick meal accompaniment
Very quick to cook, the whole family eat them which is a bonus. Consistent, good quality product that we always keep in the freezer as a back up Definitely recommend to families for value and quality
Aunt Bessie's french fries
These fries are a huge hit in our house. They are easy and quick to cook for my brood of hungry kids! They even said there better than McDonald's so you can't get better than that!!
Best fries
I only used to buy own brand chips until I purchased these one day as they were on sale and cheaper than my usual fries. Omg! I will never go back!!! These are the best fries out there. They taste amazing.
Aunt Bessie never lets me down all the frozen foods are top quality, The French fries are very tasty cook well in the over in a fryer any way your French Fries are cooked come out well every time. I use them a lot and good value for money. I don't eat many chips when I do its got to be Aunt Bessies
My picky sons favourite french Fries
I always have a bag of these in the freezer for my Eldest son who can be quite a picky eater, they crisp up lovely & cook quickly, he says they taste like the ones you get in a certain well known fast food Burger place
Great taste but product could be better
These are great tasting. But there were alot of black/rotten fries in the bag so they could do with improving there potatoe products.
My daughter liked the look Of these so we thought we would give them a go and done them in the air fryer they came out rraly crisp and tasty
These are loved by the whole family as the taste lovely
This chips are nice and crispy and also fluffy, cook nice an evenly, doesnt take long to cook, also find them reasonably good price and good sized bags too enough for many portions
They taste just like Mcdonalds, a great snack with ketchup.
Great chips as always,easy to use,nice and crunchy
Aunt Bessies Frence Fries
Aunt Bessie has done it again, love these fries and so does my family. Lovely and crispy and goes with anything. great taste and texture just what Aunt Bessie is well known for.
Great crunch
I buy these regular and cook in my air fryer.they go golden and crispy kids say taste like McDonald’s one.

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