4.5 5 0 52 52 "My French Fries will dazzle your taste buds. Once you eat one, you won't be able to resist finishing the entire bowl. Perfect for sharing with friends and family, but they won't be around for long!"
Aunt Bessie's French Fries
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Aunt Bessie's French Fries
Aunt Bessie's French Fries are fantastic bites for children and adults. Great brand which we have used for many years and never complained. Now in a bigger bag for extra convenience. Recommend
Great french fries
Good for nights when you don't have time for cooking. Cooks fairly quickly and crisps nicely, not the strongest taste and there's room for improvement, but not bad for the price.
I like french fries in general, and this is really good.
pop them in the oven
easy 2 cook in the oven when u can,t b bothered going out 4 a bag of chips
good good
i like Aunt Bessies french fries we use the when we are doing the kid teas after they have sports because it fulls them up a lot and you get a lot for your money they they are easy to cook but also they last long. i think that they are really good
Favourite fries
I love fries more than any other style chip and these have got to one of my favourites they cook really quick and nice. My family is love them. I would highly recommend these fries
We all love aunt bessies in my household. These are a winner here. Super delicious 🤤 full of flavour and just great when you want something quick and yummy (chip butty) 🥪
I tried these for me and my twin boys, they loved them they’re crispy but still soft in the middle for fries. Yummy and not today or to greasy!
The best
I don’t normally like oven chips as I find they don’t cook very well they either stay anemic and floppy or burn but I found these cook really well and don’t take too long and the family pack is perfect for our big family
Taste ok but not the best
Like ain’t Bessie products in general so bought these as thought the Kids would like them, they are ok but we found them so thin (yes I know they are french fries) that they went like crisps rather than fries and we cooked exactly to the instructions so we didn’t overcook them
Love the taste of these and they are quick and easy to cook as a midweek dinner after school
Perfect frozen fries
These are fabulous to have in the freezer for a quick snack , perfectly crispy and a lovely taste to them
Nice and quick to cook
This is my go to quick meal these and a frozen chicken product, as a quick meal to feed the kids. We all enjoyed them oven baked but I can’t wait to try them in the air fryer. I’m hoping they come out even more crispy.
best fries
If your dinner is not ready and you need to eat something this is good idea with chicken nuggets or fish.Kids loves it and adults too.Great taste with ketchup or mayonese however you like.
Excellent, quick meal accompaniment
Very quick to cook, the whole family eat them which is a bonus. Consistent, good quality product that we always keep in the freezer as a back up Definitely recommend to families for value and quality

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