4.8 5 0 101 101 When your frizzy hair needs a ‘calm-me-down’, grab Aussie Calm the Frizz 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner, it transforms unruly hair to noticeably luscious locks with the star of the show Australian Hemp seed extract which makes this miraculous formula seriously addictive.
Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Hemp 250ml
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another Aussie favourite
Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Hemp really helps when your frizzy hair needs a ‘calm-me-down’, you will see a difference after the first use. it help to calm unruly hair and give you luscious locks, i love all the Aussie 3 minute miracle conditioners as the work really well and smell amazing.
Frizzy hair control!
My hair is normally so puffy and frizzy and this keeps it under control and leaves my hair feeling so smooth and soft with a lovely smell
Love this
Very happy with this product it’s so helpful to my hair
Absolute hair saver!
I bought this as I have abused my hair so much with bleach and other colours! I've tried all of the aussie products and love them all. This didn't fail me, I use it 3 times a week and my hair is looking better than ever.! The smell is beautiful, however, some may not like it. It isn't a heavy conditioning treatment like some. It leaves your hair light with no fly aways. Absolutely brilliant yet again aussie! Keep up the good work.
Excellent experience
One of the bests condionier for a fizzy hair ever. Do the job and results are amazing! High quality and good price. What else need? Best of the best and all the best words for quality!
Good for frizzy hair!
Usually my hair is frizzy and out of control, but after using this product, my hair was soft and controllable for once!
Does exactly what it advertises and also has the most amazing scent I have ever smelt from any hair cleaning product I have used. It leave hair moisturised and tangle free
One of my favourites from Aussie
I really like Aussie products, they smells amazing. This 3 minutes mirrical mask leaves hairs smooth, silky and smelling very nice. I intend to use it with the same range shampoo and conditioner to get full results and my hair loves it. I notice that each time after this mask my hair is more manageable. I can highly recommend it to try.
Carm hair
Great to apply after blow drying or useing strighters as dome times we get static hair after a little bit of this really does the job for smooth, silky, shiny frizz free hair that also smells great as well.
Not everyone will like the smell, but it definitely working: 3 minute and hair is silky. I like the bottle as it’s much easier to use than another brands. I will recommend kt to my friend
Aussie 3 minute miracle treatment
I absolutely love Aussie products and use them regularly. The first thing I notice is the lovely smell but the overall products leaves my hair in fantastic condition. Would highly recommend Aussie products
Magic in a bottle
I used to bleach my hair twice a month for around 5 years- I was young! I have spent years trying to fix it. I was in a salon and they suggested Aussie so I thought I’d give it a go, I have never changed from Aussie. The new hemp is even more conditioning than the usual Aussie. The smell is gorgeous My hair looks really healthy, shiny and thick I love it
Best Hair Treatment
I usually go to the hairdressers for a deep conditioning treatment once a month as I dye my hair quite a lot. However, since finding this miracle in a bottle I haven't felt the need to pay £50 a month for someone else to do my hair. It leaves my hair feel soft, strong and replenished, just like I have been to the salon. I do have quite frizzy hair and this tames it enough so that I don't have to straighten my hair for it to look presentable. I love it!
Creamy conditioner with good impact
Thick and creamy conditioner that left hair feeling smooth and healthy. I didn’t love the smell, but it wasn’t at all offensive.
Does what it says!!
I discovered the AUSSIE brand when shopping for a suitable conditioner at Morrison's. I had had my locs in for about 3months, with little to no moisture and was about to take 'em out. I was scared for the amount of breakage and damage I was about to experience. But this Aussie conditioner is really good, left my hair feeling healthy, repaired and nourished in so short a time. For the smell, find myself indifferent, not so great, not abhorish either. Packaging is good, it makes for easy application as I wash my hair myself. Cost is very affordable, it doesn't eat deep into your pockets to buy! (I can't remember exactly how much now, but I'm quite certain they cost less than £3). Yes, I Will be on the look out for other products from this brand.

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