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Aussie MAN Keep It Thick Shampoo
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Love the strong smell of this shampoo, it's good for my dandruff and my Brother buys it too!
Excellent my partner loves it he said it smells great too
Excellent for finer hair!
I bought this for my boyfriend originally but after smelling his hair (the scent is amazing) I nabbed it for myself... I have fine wavy hair and this gave my hair a lovely amount of volume and left it so so shiny! Would highly recommend.
Luv it
My partner used to luv this..he said it always felt like his hair was constantly clean n shinning
Aussie MAN keep it thick shampoo
I bought this initially for my husband who instantly fell in love with the fresh and spicy smell of the ginger. So I thought I would try it. It really is amazing, my hair was silky and soft after using and felt fuller with more volume, husband said his felt the same too. He has switched from his normal shampoo to this as you can see the difference. Would recommend.
My 13 year son adores this shampoo, it makes his hair smell fresh & soft yet very manageable when he needs too style his hair. He finds that he doesnt suffer with dandruff like he did with certain shampoos..great shampoo 10/10
Great product, could really see a difference. Great smelling product too
As a man I can confirm that this product will wash your hair exceptionally and has left me with hair smelling fresh thanks to the ginger flavouring.The fact that more grooming/ beauty products are aimed at men is a great marketing move too! I would still opt for the standard shampoo and conditioner for Aussie if you're growing your hair though, as they work better for longer hair. Nevertheless, it's shampoo so as long as you have one to wash your hair with, there shouldn't be an issue!
This product smells divine! Leave hair smelling gorgeous and feeling silky! Highly recommend

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