4.7 5 0 153 153 The unique formula of Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion 300ml is clinically proven to go beyond 24 hour moisturisation and replenish the skin's natural barrier function, to significantly improve the condition of dry skin in just 2 weeks. Read more at https://www.boots.com/aveeno-daily-moisturising-lotion-300ml-10097282#6472zWuWtQMGXw3d.99
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Great product
This is an all round contender for my family, from the children to the adults, it's a hit. It hydrates, sinks in to the skin quickly and it is nourishing. It does not have an strong fragrance and for it's size and price, it is great and a definite go to.
Great moisture
This moisturising lotion goes on easily and soaks in quickly. You can use it on all parts of the body. It does not have an overpowering smell. I had damage to my skin from radiotherapy and it soothes and cleared it up within a few days. I would definitely recommend.
Nice product
Really nice moisturiser for sensitive skin. Doesn’t irritate and keens skin hydrated.
Aveeno Moisturiser
Love this body moisturiser, it sinks straight in no stickiness so can dress straight away but gives great results. My husband uses it too.
Expensive but worth the money
Friend at work was using this and said it was brilliant. She was right.
Expensive, but a lovely product.
I have been using this product on and off for about a year now. I do love it but it is quite expensive and doesn't seem to come on offer as much as I would like it to, therefore it is not my only body moisturiser. It blends in well to the skin after showering, it doesn't leave a sticky residue, and soaks in quick so you can dress pretty much straight away. It doesn't have an unpleasant smell and does feel nice on your skin. It is a treat for me when I buy it and use it, for when I'm wanting to pamper myself. A lovely luxury.
Amazing product
This is one of the best moisturisers I've used. It's mainly for my body, I have dry skin and i'm a little lazy when it come to skin care so I like anything easy. It's all easy to use and does what it says. My skin always feel hydrated and plump! I will continue using it for as long as it exists!
Love it for sensitive skin
I love this lotion! Although it’s kore expensive than other lotions, it really is a drink for your skin. I love it on dehydrated skin and also to use as a barrier cream. The formulation is non irritating and soothes any irritation and calms skin down. It’s also a fantastic non-greasy formulation perfect for hands and face too.
Non greasy
As I have eczema I have gone through numerous moisturisers to find something that works. This did the trick, and as a bonus it doesnt feel greasy and sticky once it's been applied, meaning if you want to get dressed straight after getting out the shower and bath then you can, it's not one of those that you apply then dont want to get dressed as your clothes will stick to you. This really is a good moisturiser! I'd definitely reccomend this.
Gentle product, lovely smell very subtle. Gentle on the skin would definitely recommend for people with sensitive skin.
Aveeno is always the softest lotion on my skin. This daily protectant is wonderful for vacation, especially in dry sunny areas. A great base for any sunscreen you’ll put on afterwards.
Literally so amazing,I use this before applying primer and after I have a shower I apply it all over my body and keeps me soft
My go-to
This is my usual moisturizer. It's reliable, at a good price point, and easily found at shops
Smooth skin
I have very bad dry skin and my dr told me about this and I have been using it for over a year bow and it's very moisturizing and keeps my skin moisture although I have to top up a few times but it is much better than before. I also use this on my 4 year old son and his dry skin has been much better than before.
Help with my son eczema
This moisturizer help me a lot with my son eczema skin he have really problematic skin I tried a lot and only aveeno help us we use it from he was 3 months now he is 3y and we still continue use it. I recommend aveeno to my friends too

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