Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray

4.7 5 0 282 282 <ul><li>Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray provides pure, natural relief for sensitive skin.</li> <li>Provides essential soothing care daily.</li> <li>Preserved in its pure state from the spring to the skin, Avène Thermal Spring Water soothes and enhances all skin types, even the most sensitive.</li></ul>
Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray


Summer bestsellers !
very refreshing thermal water for hot summer days. This is an amazing face spray and perfect for sensitive skin. Easy to use. Use before and after make-up so that it stays in place for the day. This is a must-have product for me. I love it.
Hydrating layered between skincare products
Yes this is essentially water in a can but it works amazingly as a hydrating step in between each layer of your skincare, especially before hyaluronic acid, to maximise the plumping effects. If you have acne or clog prone skin, try switching out your toner for this instead.
mom used it
my mom used to use this ages ago to freshen up so i bought it as well.. i love the smell but it doesn't do anything other than spraying water on your face. Nice feeling but a very expensive one!
refreshing and calming
great to use before applying hyaluronic acid, and refreshing on the skin in itself
Its okay
Its okay for using it after waxing or like skin exfoliation, i don’t see much affect of it but its okay not so good not bad.
great on a hot day, refreshing. Also use it during my skin care routine before serums like hyaluronic acid.
Amazing to soothe sensitive skin
I love this thermal water. I got sunburnt and this helped to soothe my skin and redness. Very refreshing in summer to spray over the face too.
Avene Thermal Spray
An excellent product Has many uses. Calms irritated skin. Cools overheated skin.Refreshes tired skin.
Great for summer
So refreshing on a hot summer's day! My mum introduced me to it years ago & we are both hooked. Great to take on holiday too.
Good product
The thermal water gives a nice and refreshing breez to your skin. It's gentle and it sprays nicely like a water cloud. I would recommend especially for summer time. It really makes a difference in a hot weather.
Refreshing water for skin care routine
This is a bit pricey, but it’s a great refresher or the first step into my cleansing routine. It’s soothing anti irritating, if you have sunburn or facial redness. Great for sensitive skin
Nice to have
If you like jazzing up your skincare routine then this is a fun add-on! Not super necessary but does give you an extra kick of hydration just before you add in your moisturiser
Luxurious but don’t see a difference
I bought this in the hopes of helping my skin take on a little bit more moisture after my evening cleanse however I found it made no significant difference to my skin at all. It’s very luxurious and was a nice product to use but is not a necessity when it comes to skincare. Definitely useful when going abroad however!
Feel refreshed
My skin feel hydrated and refreshed after using it. Not sure about other functions, but it does help to keep my dry skin hydrated and look less oily.
Spring water spray
This is a very good product very good for hot weather when hot and sweaty cooling straight away and very refreshing

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