4.8 5 0 213 213 As a parent you know that bath time is precious – but did you know that after every bath a baby's skin can lose moisture up to 5 times faster than yours? That's why the Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Fragrance Free Head to Toe Wash is formulated with the Dove difference. The formula is pH neutral and goes beyond mildness by helping to replenish important nutrients which help skin retain its natural moisture. With its rich and creamy lather, Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Head to Toe Wash leaves baby’s skin feeling clean and soft.
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Must buy for babies
I have had 4 children and swear by this for my baby. I live the smell and the way it leaves my baby's skin feeling silky and soft!
Amazing product for both baby and adults. Because it dose not contain and sls’s it’s brilliant for people with skin problems.
Perfect product. Can really recommend not only for babies. My son is nearly 4 and still using Dove. I love the smell of his skin after bath. Leave skin soft and sensitive.
Love baby dove!
I've been using baby dove on my 3 month old for a couple of months now.. it's sooo gentle on her skin and smells gorgeous!! I love dove as a brand and also use it on my self, neither me or my little one have had any reactions from any of their products!
Smells lovely
I use this product With my babies bath every night and I am impressed. It leaves her skin lovely and soft and smells delicious!
Love dove
I honestly love this product paired along side the wash, because it smells amazing and left my baby boy's skin so soft, i still use it now he is nearly 2 i would recomend this as it has never caused a reaction to my sons skin
Smell amazing, really gentle with the baby skin and eyes.Im really happy with that product
Love this
This is one of my favourite washes for my son. Leaves his skin so lovely & soft. He has sensitive skin & this has never irritate him at all
 I love to smell beautifully I recommend :)   the skin is nice and goofy, it works great. I will buy it again  
This product is amazing. I have twins so bath time is a challenge but the push down head is a lot easier than having to squeeze with other brands. The smell is much nicer than other brands too.
Soft and gentle
Lovely product that is good to use not only on babies but on older children as well smells lovely and is really gentle on their skin. Have been using it for the last 2 years in my youngest and won’t be stopping
Lovely delicate wash
This wash has a lovely and delicate smell and kind to baby, easy to use at bath time
Baby dove not just for babies
Brilliant product, gentle on skin. Perfect for children with sensitive skin, eczema etc. Smells good and soothe skin and causes no irritation. I recommend this product for any age
I have used this on my baby since birth. It doesn't irritate her skin and leaves it feeling silky soft. The bottle is a sturdy little thing and the cream it produces is a good constituency- not too runny nor too thick and gloopy. I would recommend this and know lots of other parents who do use it on their children.
I can't imagine myself using any other product on my child!! DOVE collection is perfect for any child skin... I love the way it makes my baby slin smooth and smells lovely, also hydrates my child skin... even is eczema got better!! Thanks Dove!!

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