4.9 5 0 92 92 Have no fear bakers; cake mess and cookie disasters are a thing of the past, with Bacofoil® The Non-Stick Baking Paper. The innovative and unique Non-Stick, textured surface reduces the amount of contact with the bake, meaning that everything from cookies, cakes and doughs will bake evenly and slide effortlessly off of the paper - a perfect bake every time.
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Perfect non stick baking paper
Use this all of the time when baking, never sticks would definitely recommend
Never sticks
Excellent product I do a lot of baking and it’s the best non stick liner I’ve found. I also use it for cake decorating to put sugar craft flowers etc on to dry. They just slip right off. Brilliant piece of kit for the kitchen.
Makes it easy getting your bake off
Works brilliantly as baking parchment, the parchment is easy to cut using the built in cutter on the box and did not wriggle around my baking tray too much. No more smeary baking tins when using this as it does the job perfectly alone.
No more sticking!
This product is easy to use - you can cut it or fold it to suit any pan. There is no longer any need for the messy 'smearing' of pans. What is more, your pans are easier to clean.
best for baking
have tried other products similar to this but this is the best i have tried you do notice the difference this doesn't stick at all. also great for wrapping sandwiches up. Highly recommended and great for baking.
Great for baking
I have tried this and absolutely loved it for cooking and baking because the food didn’t stick at all. I liked most that the food came away so easy and would definitely recommend this.
Great product
I do think this is the best make when it comes to this item. Very long lasting and great quality. Just what is needed when preparing food
Does exactly what its supposed to. Easy to rip on cutter edge and nice and thick.
Bacofoil baking paper
Really thick paper nothing sticks cakes with grandchildren sausages in oven .recommend for all types cooking .
Really good
I use this baking paper every time and I bake a lot of cakes and cookies with my kids and it never sticks or burns even at higher temperatures. The squares also channel grease away from what your cooking so leaves your baking crisp not in a puddle of grease
Does what it says
Cannot fault this product at all. It does exactly as it says on the box. It is a good price for a good product
Must buy
Great product. Easy to use. Tear the amount you need, put in place and all will be cooked evenly. Bought, did not test product.
Baco Paper
Fabulous product, perfect for lining tins for cakes, wrapping food etc... always purchase this product and would highly recommend
Baking paper - brilliant
This is one of my favorite baking papers. Have been buying this product for years and will continue to. The only thing i would change is the size and anount on a roll i feel the width is a little thin for most backing trays and i would prefer the option of larger rolls
Very happy
The best for baking. Strong but easy to rip a straight piece. Grease doesn't go through. My fav so far.

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