4.9 5 0 249 249 Have no fear bakers; cake mess and cookie disasters are a thing of the past, with Bacofoil® The Non-Stick Baking Paper. The innovative and unique Non-Stick, textured surface reduces the amount of contact with the bake, meaning that everything from cookies, cakes and doughs will bake evenly and slide effortlessly off of the paper - a perfect bake every time.
Bacofoil Non-Stick Baking Paper 10M
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My kids and I love baking cookies and this is the best, easiest, mess free baking paper we've found. I can use it with confidence that my baking trays will be protected and my cookies wont stick.
I have to always have this brown baking paper. I use it for my oven fries, calamari rings and its so absorbent and reliable. Highly recommend the product for a healthy lifestyle.
Best baking paper
I think it is the best I like that the paper is slightly woven for extra strength
Easy to use
Easy to use, does what it says on the tin (box). Really effective in cooking meals with no mess. Non-stick function works well with no occasions of being let down so far. A must have in our household.
This is great quality baking paper. Really thick, and works amazing. Can be used for various things. It is More expensive than supermarket own brands however it is well worth the money. It is my go too baking paper!
cery good
Yes this is the best on the market for me, i purchase only this baking paper, love it
No more sticking fish fingers!!! This does exactly what it says it does so very happy
Must have
Must have if you want great baking results or even to cover a slow cooked stew - good size and easy to store
Very handy and effective
I bought this mostly forsaking and it works great. It is textured to make it more effective. It is great quality too.
Great for baking
Usually buy regular baking paper and sometimes I need to be very careful not to have pieces of paper in my food, this is great liner for any food you want bake, love it!
Never look back
I've always used tin foil to line baking trays. My friend recommended using wax paper so I bought Bacofoil Non Stick Baking Paper and I've never looked back. I love it.
I do lots of baking, so tend to go through loads of baking paper. I use to buy ready cut ones, which were fine if a little flimsy. I stumbled on this when my usual was sold out, and I love it. I use it for my cakes but also anything I'm cooking for tea etc I use it on the baking trays. Less mess etc, and just throw it away.
Good product
I have used this product numerous times and it's very good quality. It saves a lot of washing up time. It doesn't rip easily, highly recommended.
Bacofoil non stick baking paper
I have recently started using this non stick baking paper. I find it saves me doing a lot of washing up. Over Christmas especially it saved me so much time! I used it to cook most of my buffet food on, which saved my trays from getting baked on food on. I have also tried it for roasting potatoes on, which saved a lot of time washing up. I would recommend this product!
My new go to baking paper
Love this baking paper. It’s nice and thick so doesn’t tear or get stuck to anything it is used for. Has one textured side and is just really durable and perfect for baking but also great for lining the oven tray when cooking. Another great all rounder

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