5 5 0 6 6 With the taste of Baileys. Dairy ice cream with cream preparation with chocolate flavour and alcohol and bourbon vanilla flavoured dairy ice cream with chocolate sauce
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i love Bailey's and decided to try this ice cream. Its so delicious, ate almost full tube. Affordable price and nice packaging. Would recommend for any Bailey's lover. So tasty
A must if you are a Baileys lover
If you love Baileys and ice cream you will love this. Heaven in a tub. Be warned though once opened its hard to put down it tastes that good.
Heaven in a tub
I tried this out for Christmas dessert last year and OMG! This is just pure heaven. If you love a wee baileys tipple then you will love this, even if you don't like baileys I would urge you to try this. It can be a wee bit expensive but as a one off treat every now and then it's totally worth it
Omg you just have to try it! Amazing treat for a Friday night on the sofa
This is just the best ice cream ever. Wish I coul aford it more often
This soooo indulgent and gorgeous! I love Bailey’s so for me this is a dream. You wouldn’t be able to have too much at a time as can feel too sickly... careful with the calories too! Was amazing with a slice of warm Chocolate Fudge cake. Definitely get some in for Christmas

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