Bausch & Lomb Biotrue Multi-Purpose Contact Lens Solution 300ml

4.9 5 0 25 25 Wearing contact lenses, especially in a world of less sleep and more computer use, makes it more challenging for eyes to stay comfor--and healthy. To care for your lenses and your eyes, a lens care solution that works like your eyes was created. Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution moistens in a way your eyes do, as it uses a lubricant also found in your eyes, and it is pH-balanced to match healthy tears. Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution helps prevent certain tear proteins from denaturing for clean lenses and fights germs for healthy lens wear.
Bausch & Lomb Biotrue Multi-Purpose Contact Lens Solution 300ml


My eyes love it
The contact lens solution is brilliant. It almost feels like lubricating eye drops when I put them in my eyes. The only snag is, it is considerably more expensive than my usual solution, so I only purchase this when it is on sale.
Best solution ever
I am using contact lenses for almost 8 years now. I tried lots of different solutions but this product is best fitted for sensitive eyes. It is perfect for dry eyes as well. Easy to use with contact lenses. Give a chance to this brand.
I usually suffer from dry eyes, using this solution with my lens has been a very comfortable experience it keeps my eyes naturally moist and eyes feel much more comfortable, it is reasonably priced too.
The best
The only solution I used when I used to wear contacts. It's not irritating at all and seems more natural and kinder than other brands.
One of the best contact lens solution!!!
I've tried it when it goes sales to replace my Renu Solution. I thought it it is really good in cleaning the lens as i am wearing monthly cons and now i'm big fan of this brand!!!
Comfortable eye solution.
I find the solution very neutral therefore I don’t feel any reaction when using the product.
I suffer from dry eye occasionally and have found this solution really helps with that, it keeps eyes naturally moist and eyes feel much more comfortable, it is reasonably priced too.
Good product
Every time I use it the contact lenses feels softer and more comfortable to wear. It leaves my eyes feeling refreshed, and less dry at the end of the day.
Good product
It’s a good one with good hydration and doesn’t irritate eyes. Good for fry eyes
Really good solution
This is a really good contact lens solution, been using it for some time. It cleans, rinses and disinfects my soft contact lenses. There is no irritation, dryness of eyes and lenses feel really clean after use.
Best solution for contact lenses
I am using this one from past 10 years and its the best in market for contact lenses. It keeps lenses safe and clean.
I've been a contact lense wearer for 18 years and have unfortunately become allergic to 3 out of the 4 solutions my current contact lense provider sells as part of it's monthly package. This is the only one which works with zero reaction. It does a great job at moisturising my lenses and they're always soft before I put them in. I like that the bottle is clear so you know how much you've got left. The hole allows the solution to come out at a good rate, and doesn't blast your contact lense like some. My contacts feel great for the whole two week period. The best solution I've ever used.
Best out there
I’ve worn contacts for years and tried many different solutions but this has been by far the best I’ve tried. I always felt like my lenses were lovely and clean, easily slipped into the eye and felt fresh when using. 10/10 from me!
Contact solution
This contact solution is nicer then the others it doesn't dry out fast on ur contacts when u put them in and cleans them ever good
I've really liked using this specially it's helped in having a clear vision compared to most products. The liquid is just clean and it's relaxes the eyes. Which most products can't achieve.

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