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Prefer blueberry
Not as great as the blueberry ones but make a great mid morning snack rather than junk!
Tasty snack
I LOVE these. I take them to work pretty much every day. They are tasty treat but filling enough as a mid morning snack. No improvement necessary for me! Would 100% recommend to everyone.
just fine
I wanted to get my regular blueberry ones, but they were not available. So got these. They are not as great. the chocolate filling doesn't work as well as chocolate chunks
These soft bakes taste amazing. Perfect for a quick snack or to enjoy with a hot drink. Would highly recommend :D
OMG, when I thought Belvita couldn't do better than the Choc Chip Soft Bakes they launch this... They are absolutely delicious. I'd recommend 100%.
Quick snack
These if you like a certain chocolate hazlenut spread a great, they are quite sweet and not the healthiest option but when you are in a hurry they are nicely packed to eat on the go
I like these, particularly because they are individually foil wrapped. I can stick them in my golf bag and have one when I need a quick fix. Choc is my favourite.
They are ok as a quick fix but they are not filling, too high calorie for what they are and too much sugar
I love these. Great for a snack but not the healthiest product going.
Ok but tasted better
I tried these as I love the red berry soft bake and the choc chip soft bake and the strawberry filled soft bake, but found the choc filling soft bake not great for mid morning snack
great product
I have these inbetween meal they taste so good will buy again.
Perfect for breakfast at work
These soft bake breakfast biscuits are perfect for my early starts at work. I have to be there by 6.40 am and I can't face eating before I leave. So I can have these at work easily. They are very tasty, not too dry and they don't crumble everywhere when you bite into them! I would definitely recommend these as a good breakfast substitute for people on the go. Probably wouldn't fill you up as much as a bowl of porridge or cereal, but they keep me going for a couple of hours!
Great product
I have recently tried this product, I enjoyed the taste of them but felt that they was a bit sweet. They are ideal to eat while at work or just out and about :)
Good On The Go
Good for breakfast on the go. They can just be grabbed on the way out the door or kept in a draw at work for a sneaky mid morning snack. The only slight downside I have with them is they're slightly sweeter than I would normally like at breakfast time.
We love these in our house! My boyfriend and I are on a diet so these are perfect for the sweet tooth! We don't actually have them for breakfast or use them for energy but we love the signature belvita taste. I liked the chocolate ones much more than its strawberry sister!

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