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Love them
I grab this sort of thing when I haven’t got time for breakfast and these are one of my favourites
Easy on the go snack but a bit dry
A yummy easy on the go breakfast, good for when you are in a rush, could easily be eaten on the bus or tube for example. Nice and tasty, and not a guilty snack, but is a bit drying.
I love it
great product, I make supplies when it is on sale, very cool soft cake and a lot of delicious filling just the way I like it, perfect for travel for breakfast, snack and I like it for coffee
I stock up on these when they are on offer. Mornings in this house are very busy. I normally eat one on the school run and my older Kids eat them on the way to college. Our house give these a high recommendation for breakfast on the go.
loved soft bakes great filling
tried these today for first time, loved them great soft outer with slight chewy edge and ample sweet filling to give you treat , and quite filling to say only one per portion
Chocolate flapjack
Yummy breakfast or afternoon treat. It's pretty much an oatty flapjack that has been filled with a chocolate hazelnut cream. They aren't too sweet, and are perfect to have with a cup of tea of coffee.
Too much sugar
It's not sugar free. The taste wasn't the best. I had this on a road trip and my brother brought it. I couldn't say it had the best taste. It fills the stomach, thats about it. It's hard to eat!
Amazing taste
Oh my I do love these just taste so bloody nice !! The biscuit is thick and soft and the chocolate is really tasty I could eat a whole box whoops
A nice treat
These are lovely, nice texture, not crumbly, the chocolate hazelnut filling is delicious, just the right size, good with a cup of tea, my teenage son loves these too
Prefer blueberry
Not as great as the blueberry ones but make a great mid morning snack rather than junk!
Tasty snack
I LOVE these. I take them to work pretty much every day. They are tasty treat but filling enough as a mid morning snack. No improvement necessary for me! Would 100% recommend to everyone.
just fine
I wanted to get my regular blueberry ones, but they were not available. So got these. They are not as great. the chocolate filling doesn't work as well as chocolate chunks
These soft bakes taste amazing. Perfect for a quick snack or to enjoy with a hot drink. Would highly recommend :D
OMG, when I thought Belvita couldn't do better than the Choc Chip Soft Bakes they launch this... They are absolutely delicious. I'd recommend 100%.
Quick snack
These if you like a certain chocolate hazlenut spread a great, they are quite sweet and not the healthiest option but when you are in a hurry they are nicely packed to eat on the go

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