4.6 5 0 16 16 Creamy Live Yogurt filling Cocoa Biscuits made with 5 Wholegrains 4h slow release of carbohydrates 5x 2 biscuits
belVita Breakfast Yogurt Crunch
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My favourite
These are my favourite breakfast/ snack biscuits. They’re really tasty, filling and so easy to take on the go. I wish there were more flavours to try! Would recommend this to everyone
Great quick product for on the go busy parents if you don't have much time for breakfast
Another breakfast winner from belvita! Two crunchy, not overly sweet bicuits with a tangy yogurt cream in the centre. The centre has the same consistency as a custard cream centre. Perfect to have with your morning cup of tea or coffee. Also great if you dont have time or you aren hungry enough for breakfast
I love how convenient it is to grab a pack for on the go. They taste really nice and the yoghurt and crunchy biscuit is all yummy. Only problem is I don't feel full for very long however they are great as a snack.
Loved these... They had just the perfect amount of oaty crunch the texture was great for a breakfast buscuit and the yogurt added a little something extra that blended it all together great. These are definitly great in flavoir and are filling so if you in a rush and need to just grab something they are perfect and also good value at the price
Dont feel full
I have always wanted to try these just to see how can you feel full just eating these for breakfast. I have say not impressed I felt like I not had anything for breakfast wanted something to eat a hour later. Very nice taste but the filling up thing no not for me I need to feel full for the morning and after not a hour. Something else not for me 2 stars for the taste only
I love them, i eat them for breakfast, when i don't have time, they're delicious and a healthier option than the other brands
I love these breakfast biscuits, great for when I'm short on time, delicious and nutritious
Wow I had these for breakfast as I don't normally have breakfast very often and these were really tasty I would have these every day as a snack or light breakfast also be good for on the go I recommend this to everyone
I honestly don't know who thought that two biscuits and a wee bit of overly-sweet, solid yoghurt would make a filling breakfast. It doesn't. What it does do, is give you a very quick sugar high and crash, and then leaves you hungrier than you started the day. Just because it has the same amount of calories as the recommended bowl size of cereal, doesn't mean it's a good breakfast. It's not a big enough portion to fill a hole in your teeth. I'd suggest also eating a banana and an apple with this, if this is all you're going to have for breakfast, as the fruit will keep you fuller than the biscuits will. On a positive note, the cocoa biscuits taste much nicer than the original belVita breakfast biscuits with yoghurt - and the flavour of these biscuits is something I actually enjoy. The cocoa mixed with the slight tart/sweet of the yoghurt is very, very nice, but I really would suggest to use them sparingly as a healthy snack, and not to use them as a standalone breakfast.
Lovely breakfast biscuits nice change to regular brekkie some breakfast biscuits I find are just too sweet and artificial tasting but these are yummy
i eat these regularly at my work for my 10am tea break..i love the yogurt one and the honey one..i find it fills me up till lunch time at 1pm. they taste really nice and have a lovely crispy biscuit and i love the creamy filling.
Me and my boys have tried these and we really like them. The boys have 1 biscuit in their lunch boxes and they love them.
I love the Belvita Breakfast range, I always skip breakfast and end up having to grab something on the go and always find these very filling and tasty. I love the new variet with Yogurt and the cocoa makes them so tasy
I have tried other Belvita biscuits but would like to try the cocoa ones please. Thank you

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