4.6 5 0 18 18 Sweet cream ice cream, strawberry & marshmallow swirls, shortbread, white chocolatey chunks & a spoonable topping
Ben and Jerry's Topped Strawberry Swirl Ice Cream
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Family favourite
We absolutely love this in our house and it never lasts long! One of the best ice creams I've ever tasted! Although Ben and Jerrys maybe abit pricey this is totally worth it! You need to try it.
Yummy strawberry delight
Lovely icecream, fabulous to have with heated chocolate cake. Really delicious strawberry creamy flavour. I really enjoyed this particular one
VERY nice but also VERY expensive!
Simply delicious, the strawberry flavour tastes more natural than many other strawberry ice creams. It's especially nice if you allow it to melt a while before eating it. Overall I'd recommend it but only as an occasional treat due to the high price relative to the small tub size.
Absolutely beautiful. Really creamy and loads of flavour.
Love it !!!
I love strawberry ice cream but this one is my favourite when it comes to strawberry ice cream. I just love the flavour is not too strong not too sweet just perfect, I would recommend to try it.
This is lovely if you like strawberry ice-cream! It's not too strong but doesn't taste fake either. I love the generous amount of shortbread chunks but I wish there were a few more white choc chunks. However, there's the delicious white chocolate topping which is amazing! Quite a gentle but sweet overall flavour!
The best strawberry ice cream I've ever eaten. I love and even love them, they are delicious, they have everything that ice cream needs, the packaging is packed, which lasts for 3 people. I recommend and you will fall in love
Delicious ice cream. I am a fan of chocolate ice cream, but here the strawberry is strongly felt and there is delicious white chocolate. These are not my favorite B&J ice cream but they are very good.
Love it
One of mine favourite again, simply delicious 🤗😋🍦🍨
Ice-cream like no other best flavour and no comparison with anything
This flavour is amazing the best yet. I love the pieces In it and the strawberry it’s amazing.
great taste
this ice cream is amazing tried it on a date will highly recommened
Sweet but tasty
Love this ice cream those sweet and a bit sickly it tastes wonderful and lots of flavours.
I love this ice cream very tasty and makes you want to go back for more!
Ahh! Strawberries, marshmallows AND white chocolate? YESSS! Bought this a while ago and finished the whole tub in 30 mins. Really good (heart eye emoji)

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