5 5 0 4 4 Gluten Free Cookie mix with chocolate chips.
Betty Crocker Gluten Free Cookie Mix
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I love these packs!
Gluten free ingredients are so expensive so these premixed pack are perfect and so quick and easy to make. These cookies were relatively easy to make and depending on the size/thickness you want, you get a fair few out of these!
easy to mix and use. cook evenly and for a gluten free product are very tasty and moreish .look like normal cookies. would recommend.
My son and I had a lovely afternoon baking these chocolate cookies :) They didn't take long to make and tasted lovely :)
I bought this for my grandson has he has to have gluten free and loves baking with me so easy to make and came out great
Haven't seen this on sale locally. Good idea if it passes the taste test as I have relatives with food intolerances
These chocolate cookies look so tasty, I'm Coeliac so I'm always looking for something new.
This looks so yummy to try. I am gluten-free and miss not having a biscuit with my cuppa.
I was diagnosed with celiac in 2012. I have become so paranoid about food, would love to try these as I have hd so many bad experiences with gluten free food taking horrible. Would love to find something nice x
I am trying to get my diet under control this New Year and have decided to give gluten free a go. Please could I test these out for you, I will give an honest opinion on how easy they are to make, and how good they taste!
I would love to try these as I have made a resolution to try and go gluten free as I have some health issues and am trying to see if gluten free will help

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