Biore Baking Soda Anti Blemish Cleasning Foam

3.9 5 0 85 85 Bioré Baking Soda Anti-Blemish Cleansing Foam is a gentle, daily cleanser that deep cleans to help clear and prevent blemishes without over-drying. The creamy formula is surprisingly strong yet gentle, and oh-so-fun! Contains Skin Purifying Technology for a powerful deep cleanse without overdrying skin, salicylic acid to treat & prevent spots and Baking Soda to thoroughly clean oily parts while gently exfoliating dry sections.
Biore Baking Soda Anti Blemish Cleasning Foam


would not recommend
I really wanted to love this product - I have combination skin and was looking for something to help clear up blackheads. This sounded perfect, but after two uses it left my face covered in dry, red patches. Maybe using it less frequently would prevent this from happening, but I don’t think I’m going to use it again.
Worst product ever
I do not have sensitive skin and I am not allergic to anything but this product caused me to have such a bad reaction to it. I will definitely not be using this product again.
Biore XoXo
Love it !!! Biore it’s a very good brand and a cheap one! Works wonderful deep on pores to unclog and prevent them to get clogged and dirty! Basically it’s a product you should try!
Great face wash for acne prone skin
Great foaming cleanser that lathers well and leaves skin feeling fresh and clean.
Deep clean
I have very combination skin the cleaning foam form Bioré is perfect for my skin After every wash I can feel that my skin is clean and soft
Excellent product !
excellent product!My skin is nourished and soft.I will be use Every time!
Good cleanser
Good cleanser, my skin is a combination type and I found myself pretty comfortable with this product. After each use my skin was feeling clean and fresh. I don’t know if was me or this type of foam cleanser type but It didn’t last me for long time.
I used this just before Christmas as was on reduced in boots and I was not disappointed. I have very oily skin and this definitely does the job, leaving it soft and fresh every time. I used it once a day as I found twice was a bit much but twice would be great in the warmer months when skins at its worst.
This is magic for my face
As I have mix type of skin , the face wash from Biore with baking soda is perfect for my skin type . I tend to get dry skin on my forehead , but after using this , less dry skin and feel very clan after I use this . It does remove makeup very well too , so must say I am really impressed
Very irritating and dries skin till flaking
I had high hopes for this product to work on my acne and blemishes but it had damaged my skin more and it did not improve my blemishes and acne at all. Every times when I used it this product made my face red and irritated, after drying and waking up next morning my skin was tightened from dryness that I even could not open my mouth because it hurt, after three days skin started to peal in some areas. I would never buy it again and would not recommend.
Definitely not for me
I have never had an allergic reaction to anything before nor do I have sensitive skin but after one use of this product, I had a breakout all over my face with a rash and it even made my skin swell.
It was okay but I wouldn’t use this every day just once a week.
Not for every day use
This definitely cleans your face but it left my skin feeling tight and slightly irritated afterwards - it's not something I would recommend to be used every day maybe once a week and when you do use it always moistureize afterwards as it dried up my skin also.
Gentle cleanser
This is a really gentle yet effective cleanser. My skin always feels lovely and soft after using. I love that it uses simple natural ingredients.
Good but not daily cleanser
The cleanser is good and my blemishes appear smaller after use. But I can't use it more often than once a week, otherwise my skin start to be bit irritated. If you looking for something for your daily routine then I would be careful

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