4 5 0 44 44 Biore Rose Quartz & Charcoal Daily Purifying Cleanser For Oily Skin works to deep clean and purify your pores, while adding some self love to energise you and your skin. Love your pores, love yourself.
Bioré Rose Quartz & Charcoal Daily Purifying Face Wash
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I do not like it
Basically i have very oily face , so after when i used it my skin was itching and full of red dots.
Smooth skin
absolutely love this product found my face cleared up quickly with using this product regularly, unfortunately ran out before I replaced and went back to using my old face wash, which unfortunately hasn't done my skin any good, I recommend this product to my friends and family, have also brought the other items in this range and its all so good
A fairly good wash
It’s a good face wash, smells really nice and leaves your skin squeaky clean. The only thing I noticed was since I have dry skin this used to make my skin even more dry, because of the clay in it but I used to apply a rich moisturiser straight away after and was okay . I would recommend if you have combination or oily skin.
A Good Cleansing Staple
I tried this as my usual Bioré oily skin cleanser was out of stock, this professed to be for oily skin too so I thought why not try it? It has many of the same properties as the plain charcoal oily skin cleanser & left my skin feeling tight and refreshed. It does tingle a little on the skin but my normal cleanser does that too, it didn't make my skin blotchy so I thought nothing more of it. Overall I think this is a good cleanser but I found that it doesn't hold off the midday shine as much as my usual Charcoal Oily skin cleanser for Bioré so really I don't think the rose Quartz adds much benefit to the product. I'd probably buy it again if I couldn't get ahold of my normal cleanser, but I won't be making the full time switch to this one.
Really zingy and clean feeling!
I like this product and use it twice daily I feel my skin is brighter and not so oily the only thing I don’t like is that it makes my eyes sting? I don’t use it near my eyes but still I don’t it really strong! Will continue to purchase this though and I love the results!
Ok, doesn't last very long
I bought this as I'd run out of my usual cleanser (Cauderlie). It was ok, it left skin feeling quite clean and fresh, but doesn't work as well as a foaming cleaner - in my opinion. It also doesn't last very long for the price compared to my usual cleanser.
Not the best
I ordered this online without seeing it in person first, as I’d seen it advertised around and let’s be honest, it looks pretty! Cleansers are a part of my daily routine however this one won’t be taking a place in mine. I didn’t realise that the appealing pink liquid was actually shimmery, and that it would leave a shimmer on the skin. I love a good glow, but this was too much for my average mum day. As for effectiveness of the product, it was okay, but didn’t give me that squeaky clean feeling other cleansers have done. Therefore it wouldn’t be among those which I’d recommend.
It deep cleans my pores and makes my skin feel energized. It a also has a nice refreshing scent to it. You can use it daily and leaves the skin feeling fresh and soft. The problem is that it leaves tiny amount glitter on your face after using but i would recommend it.
Lovely product
Very deap cleansing and can use it daily. Lovely scent
This is another great product from the biore range. Face felt soft/ clean and refreshed. Don’t get it too near the eyes as can sting. Overall happy with this product. Would buy again
Love it!
This product is very deep cleansing, therefore I wouldn't use it everyday. Overall a great product and a great brand.
Charcoal face wash
Great product leaves face very smooth and soft smells great too definitely would buy again
Its ok
Has a nice pleasant fragrance, cleans my skin well. Leaves nice and smooth
Strong Cleanser
I heard a lot of mixed reviews about this cleanser from my friends but I personally found it quite strong and it is not great for sensitive skin but it definitely works well to keep my skin clean.
Too minty
I received this and tested it for a couple of weeks,but I feel it was a bit too minty to use it around eyes,doesn't really remove impurities, maybe if you use it in a double cleanse. I wish it was a bit more moisturizing but every skin is different so it might work for an oily skin better

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