Bioré Rose Quartz & Charcoal Daily Purifying Face Wash

4.2 5 0 120 120 Biore Rose Quartz & Charcoal Daily Purifying Cleanser For Oily Skin works to deep clean and purify your pores, while adding some self love to energise you and your skin. Love your pores, love yourself.
Bioré Rose Quartz & Charcoal Daily Purifying Face Wash


I wasn’t wowed with this product , it didn’t leave my skin feeling great at all , I won’t be buying this product again , I just don’t think it was suited to my skin .
Love this face wash!
I love this face wash! It makes your skin feel so freshed and new after using it. The fragrance is really nice and the texture going onto your face is really relaxing After using this face wash I noticed my breakouts were reducing, pores clearing up and my makeup was sitting on my skin a lot nicer. I love this product and would recommend!
Skin feels great
I love the feeling of my skin after every time I use this product. I’ve always struggled with oily and spotty skin but since using this I’ve noticed a dramatic improvement and rarely get any spots now. And as an added bonus it smells lovely too.
Good cleanser
First off I am in love with the smell of this cleanser. It is also good with helping to remove and strip the oils from my face which is great for dealing with my oily skin. It doesn't leave my skin overly stripped and tight feeling after. I know it isn't actually specifically designed for acne but I just want to say I found it didn't seem to do anything to it so didn't clear it up or make it worse.
Brought this face wash for my daughter originally as she loves crystals but after seeing a massive improvement in her skin I also brought myself one. My skin has never felt so soft and definitely has a nice glow to it. Really pleased with it and would highly recommend it
Would definitely recommend
Great packaging love the bottle easy to use and really good for oily skin. Skin feels really soft and very clean and refreshed after use in would highly recommend
Love the packaging and the product! my skin doesn't feel tight after use!
This face wash is pretty good for controlling pores, and a great exfoliant for the skin. It lathers up very well as it is quite thick. The exfoliating bits are small and mild but very powerful in removing dry skin and promoting healthy growth.
Deep cleanse and fresh face
I really love this face wash! The exfoliants are small so not too abrasive on the skin. It has a tingling sensation that really helps to wake you up in the morning. I feel so fresh after I’ve had a wash. It has definitely helped to keep my spots at bay. Highly recommend
Another biore product i love yes it cleans deep in pores and you will need a moisture just like any other cleanser you use, I have acne prone skin and dint react to biore cleansers more than anything it keeps spots away
I don't really like the feeling of charcoal in a cleanser which is why I'm giving it 3 stars, but it works like a treat on your pours
Not the best
Admittedly I was sucked in by the pretty rose gold colour but wasn’t really that impressed by this. It kind of felt like I was using a shower gel on my face, way too harsh and drying. Maybe ok if your skin isn’t sensitive at all.
Didn't like
This product was not for me, it was easy to apply but left my skin very red and it felt like a burning sensation on my skin, I wanted to get it off quickly also made my skin feel really dry and tight
Cleanses well
This product cleanses the face but does not leave it feeling as soft and supple and moisturised as other face washes work for me. I also find this a little drying but maybe this would be better suited to people with oily skin. It does clean the skin but it would not be my go to daily face wash. I would not recommend this product.
Great for acne-prone & sensitive Skin!
I have (hormonal) acne-prone skin and this is my everyday cleanser. I was sceptical due to the colour however It leaves my skin feeling soft and clean with a fresh tingle that does not make my skin irritated or red in any way. It appears to remove dirt and makeup and helps keep my acne at bay. I struggle with skin products and this is my current fave. I also like the rose quartz scrub.

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